June 2013

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 17, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Steve Bieringer – Vice President,  Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer,  Lauren Anderson, Birdie Cunningham,  Jeff Gears, Mary Jane Mitchell,  Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny

Also present:  Tjody deVaal, Ron Hall – Fuller Plaque, Hector Ruiz – Café Ena, Rincon 38

1. Call to Order 7:06

2.  Hector Ruiz – owner of Café Ena and Rincon 38 announced the opening of another restaurant at 4750 Grand Avenue that would offer French country style food including burgers and Panini’s and ice cream.   The hours would most likely be 3pm until 12 midnight.  He is applying for a beer and wine license.  He is looking at opening in October.  The board asked if he is okay with us reporting on the new restaurant in  the Fall newsletter.  He is fine with that and provided his email address and phone number.

3.  The chairman called for a motion to approve the 2012 Tangletown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report which was sent to the board members via email.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The 2012 Tangletown Neighborhood Association CPP annual report is approved without changes.

4. Officer Elections – The chairman called for any board members interested in the elected official positions.  Upon no interested parties, the chairman made a motion to approve the existing officers for the ballot.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The existing board officers will remain in their position for the next two years or until their successors are elected, whichever is later.

5. 4th of July update – Ryan reported that the 4th of July subcommittee met.  There was a motion to approve  a $2,000 budget for the event.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

A budget of $2,000 will be allocated to the 2013 4th of July event.

6.  Survey – Ryan reported that we have received approximately 40 responses to the survey.  In light of the low response it was agreed to extend the deadline through the 4th of July.  We will distribute paper copies at the 4th of July event.

7. Fuller Park Plaque – The plaque project proceeds.  The plaque will not be made of brass due to the risk of it being stolen.  The project will not be complete by the 4th of July event.  Steve reported that the Park Board continues to ask for more information and that we have a good sense of what to submit.  It’s estimated that it will be another two to three months before we get Park Board approval.

8.  Fuller Park pool shades – Steve reported that the Park Board will be doing work on the playground in the spring of 2014 and three years from now there will e work on the pool.  He continues to determine where the funding and contracting will come from.

9.  Secretary report – the annual board meeting minutes will be sent out in the next week or so for approval at the next meeting.

10.  Treasurer report – Sandra made a motion to roll over $6,090.16 in SPP funds from 2011.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

The 2011 CPP funds will be rolled over and allocated as such:  $4,000 to communications and outreach and $2,090.16 to supplies.

The TNA account stands at $10,957.41.

11. The Arts Committee – the utility box project is moving along and Carolyn will send the board images to be voted on before submitting to the city for approval.

12.  Communications Committee – Two neighborhood book clubs have been formed.  Mary Jane will submit an article in the SW Journal for the 4th of July event.  The deadline for the article is June 23.

13.  NRP Committee – Jade salon has submitted an application for Façade Improvement Grant.  The contract for use of existing funds expired 12/31/2012.  Mary Jane will look into extending the contract and applying for additional funds.

14.  Sustainability Committee – Mary Jane attended the tour of the One-Sort recycling facility and she and John Quincy reported on the recycling process and educating residents.  Plastic bags are not allowed in the recycle bin and they actually will cause the recycling machines to stop for up to 2 hours a day.  Also no electronics or diapers are allowed.  Apartment buildings have less compliance and the city is looking for a way to educate them.  It was suggested that a table at the 4th of July we have a pile of the items not allowed in recycling in order to educate residents.    We will use compostable dinnerware at the 4th of July event.

15.  There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:29pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Monday, July 15, 2013 at Fuller Park.