June 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting, Monday, June 21, 2010

7:00 P.M.

Fuller Park


Board members present: Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Mary Davidson — Treasurer; Tjody DeVaal – editor; Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias;  Jeff Gears; Mary Jane Mitchell – President; Tony Proell, Tom Steichen, and Lynell Voigt.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:03.

2. One item was added to the agenda and the agenda was approved.

3. The May meeting minutes were approved without change.

4. John Dillery, Senior Transportation Planner,  and Jill Hentges, Community Outreach, for the Metropolitan Transit Commission presented on the bus rapid transit system and the new 46th St. transit station.  Dillery noted the reduced service for Diamond Lake Road and 35W because buses could not move safely from the center transitway to the Diamond Lake exit.  Other issues discussed were the basic philosophy over the north-south arteries (35W) and the crosstown (east-west) routes, the demands of Washburn High School, and the reduced service for certain areas from the adjustment to the new scheme.  The last public meeting for comments was scheduled for June 29 at noon, but both representatives urged comments from the public (35W-BRT station@metc.state.mn.us).  Service changes and the opening of the 46th St. Bus Rapid Transit station are scheduled for December 4.

5. Mary Jane welcomed Jeff and Carolyn to the Board.

6. Charley Dean presented on the Kingfield Dog Park proposed for the northwest corner of King Park.  Information is available at the Kingfield Neighborhood site (http://kingfield.org/dog-park/).  The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will hold a public meeting on July 22, 7 pm, MLK Park after a 6 pm MLK Park Ice Cream Social.  Charley asked TNA for a letter of support.  The group is hosting “Yappy Hours” and hopes to see the dog park open next spring.  The dog park would be one of the few serving south Minneapolis.

7. Mike Cronin from Michael Cronin & Associates present on behalf of the Holiday station at Diamond Lake and Nicollet.  Holiday was upgrading signs at certain locations in order to attract more sales within their stores because of the decreasing profit margins over the sales of gasoline and tobacco.  They would need to apply for a variance to erect an electronic sign within the existing sign in front of the station.  He emphasized that Holiday would not be adding “motion to this electronic sign<” and at present the ideas would be to change sign content every eight seconds.  He was soliciting input from neighborhood groups.  The Board had concerns about the effect on nearby traffic at stoplights, and one member suggested the new sign be used to help advertise fund raisers (like car washes) so participants weren’t standing near Nicollet traffic to solicit business.  Cronin welcomed questions about the signage at 612 554 1184.

8. The entire board worked out plans for the TNA 4th of July party, including food, awnings, aprons for ticket sellers, ticket prices, prizes for the raffle, hand washing stations, etc.

9. Tony Proell reported on the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) energy conservation workshop and the group discussed various promotions. Mary Jane moved to use the use of certain designated funds (around $1600) to help promote the workshop.  Mary Davidson seconded.  The motion passed.

10.  Mary Davidson gave the Treasurer’s report.  The ending balance for the NRP account as of May 31, 2010, was $13,295.42. Mary moved that Carolyn be authorized to purchase up to $200 of prizes for the 4th of July event. Motion was seconded and passed.

11. Tom Balcom updated the Board on improvements to the Water Tower (railing and water).

12.  Tjody DeVaal reported on the Tangletown brochure and will send a out a PDF of the brochure for final approval.  She mentioned that the discount coupons that the group wanted to include was problematic because the businesses were hard pressed to finalize their offer.

13.  Because of time, other items were laid over until the next meeting, The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 pm.