July 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association July 18th 2022

Call to Order: 7:02

Attendees: Claire Blanchette, Pat Collins, Kyle Goldschmidt, Richard Harris, Ruwada Issa, Emily Koski, Michelle Ladyzhynsky, Scott Massey, Dirk Nicholson, Andrea Siegel, Anthony Thompson, and Will Young

Council Member Koski report: 

  1. Ruwada Issa, a community engagement intern, is the newest member of her team.
  2. Dr. Cedric Alexander has been nominated by the mayor to be the first Commissioner of Community Safety to oversee MPD, Fire, emergency management, 911, among other things.  The next council meeting will have a vote on the  nomination.  
  3. The Mayor’s community safety workgroup recently outlined its recommendations.  Her hope is members from the workgroup will attend the next ward public safety meeting to discuss the recommendations and the action plan.
  4. Minnesota Justice Research Center is holding community engagement sessions including one on July 20 at Bryant Park.
  5. A construction newsletter with interactive map was created for Ward 11 to provide more info about the various construction projects in the ward.
  6. The next public safety meeting will be at Pearl Park on August 16.
  7. She would like to coordinate a discussion with city staff regarding the concerns raised in the BLUH about bicycle and pedestrian safety particularly near the schools.  She will try to coordinate with Ben Levy to figure out times to learn about whom he has already spoken with and who else he should speak with to keep digging for more info.

Motion to approve board minutes: moved by Dirk Nicholson, seconded by Kyle Goldschmidt.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: 

  1. A lot of paperwork has been completed with Wells Fargo and Quickbooks as Kyle Goldschmidt has taken over.  Something happened that wiped information from Quickbooks, so Kyle is working with WellsFargo to use a common email address going forward.

Livability and Engagement Committee report: 

  1. Andrea will be providing info about the Fourth of July event.

Environmental Committee report: 

  1. There are ongoing discussions about the $15,000 grant for conservation.
  2. Still attempts to partner with Washburn or Justice Page on community solar but also researching solar buys as a more short-term project.
  3. Other energy initiatives are still being researched.
  4. TechDump planned for Saturday September 24 (free with encouraged $5 donation).  Several other organizations are partnering.
  5. Joining the Stop Food Waste as a partner doing publicity within the neighborhood about reducing food waste.  The partner form will be submitted tonight.
  6. Clothing swap planned for 10a-1p on August 27 in a common area at St. John’s.

Equity Committee report: 

  1. Two field interviewers have been hired to doorknock with surveys.  The surveys have been tested and some adjustments were made to make sure results will be relatively comparable to surveys from Lyndale and Kingfield.

Livability and Engagement Committee report: 

  1. Andrea will be providing info about the Fourth of July event.
  2. Someone from Renter’s Support Group will speak in August meeting.

BLUH Committee report: 

  1. Received a presentation from Carl Franzen about his request for a four-way stop sign at Harriet Avenue and 48th Street, and chose to support the request in our discussions with Council Member Koski about intersections needing additional safety improvements in the neighborhood.
  2. Autumn Alley Clean-Up will return the second Saturday of October
  3. The city will be doing some investigation into the Water Tower concrete issues this week.
  4. The committee is researching a potential sign to commemorate the old flour mill at Lyndale and the Minnehaha Creek

Merger Task Force:

  1. We have begun discussions with a consulting firm to model out different structures to see if any financial savings may exist based upon possible structures.
  2. Meeting with Roger of Mighty Consulting next week to figure out which conversations need to occur while weighing various options (including the option of not doing anything).
  3. The task force next meets at the end of July.

Executive Director report: 

  1. She has completed trainings with Sally Bauer, but Sally remains available as a consultant whenever the need should arise
  2. Fourth of July
    1. Approximately 500 attendees were at Fuller Park despite rainy weather early in the day that forced the cancellation of the bike parade.
    2. A lot of positive feedback about the people who attended to march against the Dobbs decision.
    3. Enough volunteers were present to cover a few who were unable to attend for illness.
    4. Andrea is looking for any photos taken by attendees.
    5. The event was slightly more profitable than a break-even although were are still waiting for a couple of payments from vendors.
      1. Using Venmo and PayPal worked well but was a little slow when people had to use mobile data and when glare from sun made it hard to scan between phones.
  3. Linden Hills hybrid technology
    1. Andrea emailed that we were willing to split the cost and share. 
    2. Linden Hills now had some reservations about whether sharing the equipment made sense if it is fragile.
    3. We are now waiting for more details from them as to whether they will share.
  4. Equitable Engagement
    1. One of the field interviewers was trained today; the other will be trained remotely very soon.
    2. The survey was being edited through yesterday, but they can now go in the field once they are printed.
  5. Print newsletter
    1. Deadline is around the end of August.
    2. We went to include the Autumn Alley Clean-Up, the Tech Dump, Lawns to Legumes, and some type of survey.
    3. The goal is to be in mailboxes by the second week of September.

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