July 2021 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 19th, 2021 – 7:00 p.m., 118 Elmwood Place, Minneapolis MN 55419

Board members present: Dan Treinen, Heather Grovum, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud, Dirk Nicholson, Scott Massey, Lauren Kramer, Nancy Hamilton Britt, Ben Levy, Pat Collins, Natty Wise

Board members absent: Mischa Bartlett, Kellie Hanson

Also present: Sally Bauer (Executive Director) Jeremy Schroeder (Ward 11 Minneapolis City Council Member), 1 community member

Called to order: 7:09

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Dirk  moved to approve the June minutes. Lori seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.


New Board Members

City Council member Updates

Jeremy Schroeder: Update on the proposal for Merwin Liquors to buy the previous Dollar Tree property. This proposal is not going forward as there was negative neighborhood reaction. This was also not possible due to an ordinance that requires 3 connected acres of land to accommodate for parking. 

Jeremy mentioned that although there was negative feedback from the community that it would be advantageous for there to be any business in the space rather than have it empty. 

He updated us on the passing of the  federal American Recovery Plan and its implication for funding given to Minneapolis and how the city intends to utilize the funds for housing and employment development. Currently the city is funding single occupancy units in what was previously known as Aqua City Motel(signage is still the same). Laws have been passed to make these units more permanent. There is funding available to maintain these units for one year through the American Recovery Plan and this is one solution that the city is implementing to combat homelessness. 

Equitable Engagement Plan Brainstorm

The equitable engagement committee is looking to identify groups that are underrepresented on our board. They would like to look more into our actual demographic groups in the neighborhood and find barriers to engagement and strategies to combat the disparities in representation and increase participation from these neighbors. We want to find a way to gain knowledge about what the people of the neighborhood would like to see from the board. 

Sally reported that the city has granted us $3200 to assist in creating programming as long as we have our plan drafted and submitted by September 1st. The Narrative application is due in October. There is currently a brainstorming document in google docs for anyone to add their ideas for ways to engage with underrepresented members of the neighborhood. 

Questions posed: 

Is how we run our meetings being a barrier to engagement from community members. Are we too formal? Are Robert’s Rules confusing to some? Should we be looking at creating a new strategic plan? Should we have Sally read and rate or target the brainstorm ideas posed in the Google Doc?  What events would we like to see to promote engagement? Ideas included pop ups, educational events to promote our energy and security rebates, voter engagement as a conduit for outreach, door knocking, a series of events specific to target demographic, an equitable engagement scorecard. 

Committee Updates 

Equity: The committee is beginning to form groups that will educate neighbors about the upcoming charter amendments that will be on the ballot that focus on Government Structure, Rent Stabilization, and Public Safety. 

Livability & Engagement: The committee wants to look at organizing a Taste of Tangletown event, however they are tabling this conversation until spring. National Night Out is Tuesday August 3rd. The Committee is planning to contact block leaders and would like to distribute swag bags. They are asking for volunteers to support this effort. Organization for Open Streets (October 10th) has begun. There is an option to partner with other neighborhoods to provide crafts to the community. This option would cost $100 for our portion of the fee.  If we would like to represent ourselves independently there is a $300 fee to participate as a non profit. Pat moved to approve $300 to participate in Open Streets as a Non Profit Organization. Jon seconded. All in favor. Motion approved. 

The League of Women Voters are asking for a financial contribution from the TNA Board to represent Ward 11 and Parks and Recreation Board District 6 ballot initiatives.  Heather moved to preapprove between $500 and $1000 depending upon their request. Lori Seconded. All were in favor. Motion was approved. 

The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Environmental: The committee has received a second Green Partners Grant of $10,000 from Hennepin County to provide programming for the next year that will focus on waste reduction. They are hosting a Textile Reduce and Reuse Fair (August 14th, 10am -12 pm  at Fuller Park). This will wrap up their work from the past year on textile waste reduction. They are asking for volunteers to help with the event from 9 am until noon. The committee is working on finalizing a date in the spring to end the home energy rebate. 

The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

Building, Land Use & Housing: The committee has a grant written, submitted, and pending for approval of language that will provide the history of the Water Tower. This will cover the cost of the signage and fund an event celebrating the unveiling of the signage at the Washburn Water tower. Tom (neighborhood historian) has offered to give tours to those interested. (You may get in touch with Dirk if you do not know how to get a hold of Tom). Liz Vandam is the fiscal agent that is approving the grant. TNA Board will be credited on the signage as donors.

The committee updated that the security rebate has been posited on social media. They state that safety improvements up to $500 will be provided a rebate at a 50% match for households making up to $75,000. 

 The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Treasurer’s Report

Lori reported new energy rebates that were disbursed to members of the neighborhood. Budget is on track. 

Board Elections

Self nominated candidates: Nathaniel 

None opposed. Motion to approve – Dirk 

Volunteer Opportunities

Clothing Swap at Fuller Park August 15th from 9am until noon. 

Adjourned: 8:55 pm

Minutes submitted by Heather Grovum, TNA Secretary