July 2019 Board Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 15, 2019 – 7:00 pm, Fuller Park

Board members present: Dick Fiala, Pat Collins, Dirk Nicholson, Carl Arrell, Bernadette Tomko, Kellie Hanson, Brenda Anderson, Craig Weister.

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director); Danielle Butenhoff from the Center for Energy and Environment

Board members absent:Dan Williams, Brian McDonald, John Dukich, Alyssa Thull

Called to Order:7:07

See agenda attached.

Carl mentioned that Dan’s minutes of the previous meeting had been uploaded.  Since few, if any, members present have seen those minutes, we will defer the review to the next meeting.

Sally mentioned the treasurer’s report and wished to add that there will be city reimbursements processed following the July 4 festivities.  Bank balance remains in good shape.

Jeremy Schroeder, our council representative, gave a very brief update. No news on Neighborhoods 2020 at this point.  Dirk posed the question of Mr. Schroeder’s opinion on proposed changes to the parkway; he indicated he has yet to form that opinion and suggested people engage with the process.

Carl broached the question of opening a high-yield savings account; he is exploring a number of options. He reminded us that we’ll have to review financial policies to be sure we’re acting accordingly, or altering those policies to take the new arrangements into consideration.  He noted that Joy and Bri are no longer on the board and should be removed from the account; Carl and Brian are the acting president and treasurer respectively, and executors.  Carl moved a blanket approval to find the best arrangement and proceed.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Sally indicated financial policies will be drafted and ready for review by the board in the next couple of months.

Danielle Butenhoff from Center for Energy and Environment presented on impacts of rebates on energy improvements.  The program would be aimed at encouraging homeowners to add wall or attic insulation. Discussion occurred around what is best to fund (cost of initial audit vs follow up work), how to cover the most people (appropriate rate), and how to implement (what should be covered, recommendation to set deadline of work completed within 12 months of audit). Dirk moved to amend previous board approval for rebates to the newly recommended rates of 30% up to $500 for wall and attic insulation.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

Sally presented about the need for a staff computer to be purchased and her recommendation to purchase a Mac Book Air.  It would be for the exclusive use of her work with the TNA.  She would also need software, specifically MS-Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro.  She is asking for up to $1,200.  The computer would be owned by TNA and would pass to any future employees.  It will be funded from CPP and budget balance can be maintained thanks to Organics Grant funding covering staff time.  Dirk moved we approve up to $1,300 for this purchase. The motion was unanimously approved.

Committee Updates.  No major updates from Spaces Committee. Dick reported 4thof July was HUGE this year with at least 1,000 participants.  (!) 1 snag was the waits some experienced to buy their wrist-bands; this was due to complexities of the cash-vs-credit card means of payment. Dick also recommended the price going from $8 to $10, making changing simpler with sno cone included.  Other recommendation was to plan to close Harriet off along the park and have more food trucks.  

NNO is coming up August 6; do we wish to have a presence during that event?  Dick will follow up with Sally.  Engagement is also looking at an adult-oriented event in the early fall, perhaps connecting with the neighborhood garage sales.

Environmental: Upcoming events: July 27 Storm Drain Stenciling Event, September 19 Organics Recycling Workshop,  August 1 Solar Power Hour.

NCEC elector needed for election on Wednesday, Dirk offered to serve this role and make a decision on behalf of Tangletown on better of two candidates.  Sally will forward communication received from city and two candidates to Dirk.

Sally announced Print Newsletter content is due August 9, so committees will need to solidify plans for fall events/programs by then to ensure inclusion in newsletter.

The next meeting will be August 19 at 7:00 pm.


Minutes submitted by Craig M. Wiester, temporary recording secretary