July 2017

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, July 17, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Steve Wohlford, Briana Daymont, Gabe Moreno, Justin Wills, Kathy Kornblum, Valerie Hurst

Board members absent: none

Called to order: 7:04pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Valerie moved to approve the June 2017 minutes.  Steve seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – 4th of July event collections totaled $3,111, less $250 seed money.  Justin would like to tighten monetary control at TNA events through better procedure and cashier accountability.  TNA also received a notice from the IRS for not filing a required postcard certification that TNA has not met a certain amount of gross receipts.  Justin sent that in but we haven’t gotten a response yet.  We should clarify with Stacy if/when our city reimbursements and/or TNA revenue are more than $50,000, at which point we need to file additional IRS forms.

 Our available funds are diminished due to the LaMac Cleaners and Justice Page school sign grants totaling $10,000.  Justin will begin the process of reimbursements for those expenses from the city NRP/CPP funds to build our available funds back up in anticipation of upcoming expenses for strategic planning and utility box wraps.


Box Wraps: TNA would like to cooperate with the Lynnhurst in wrapping a utility box near Burroughs elementary school.  The Lynnhurst board agrees in principle and will contribute $650 towards box wrapping expenses while TNA will pay the artist honorarium.  Dan sent detailed box measurements to a few of the artists who expressed interest in more precisely laying out their work on boxes.  He has quotes from one vendor for the wrapping process itself, and will put together the City Arts Board submission by the end of August.  We should also mail honorarium checks to artists by the end of the month.

4th of July: The event drew an estimated 400-500 people, a “huge crowd” according to Kathy.  Of the $4,000 budget, $2,485.55 was spent and receipts totaled $3,111 for a net of $625.45.  Expenses include face painting, the band, bounce house, giant slide, and other rentals, and the snow cone machine which was donated to the park.

Strategic Planning: the committee met before board meeting to review progress.  At a high level view, the summer focus is on data gathering (survey, focus groups, key informant interviews), fall focus is on planning (analyzing the input and deciding direction/barriers/process, and creating plan), winter focus is on sharing results back to community and driving participation from residents.  The survey has 130 responses so far, but our goal is at least 200 responses (about 10% of residents).

Executive Director: there are 13 applications so far.  The hiring committee is meeting Thursday to decide which candidates to interview in-person.

Tree Bags

The green bags on new trees are installed by the city but residents are responsible for filling them.  Steve reports that most he’s seen are empty.  He suggested that TNA should encourage residents to fill them.  Ryan will post a note on Nextdoor, and a post should go out on Facebook org as well.  Steve will put together a paper note that could be attached to bags as well.

National Night Out

This year’s date is August 1st.  This was too short of a notice to organize compostable supply distributions, but board members should distribute neighborhood survey slips at block parties around their area if they are able. Gabe and Kathy said they would definitely be able to do so.

Lyndale Open Streets

Applications for participation for 2018 are due in September.  Dick will meet with other neighborhoods in August to discuss improvements and put the application together.  Board agreed we would like to participate next year.

Adjourned: 7:54

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary