July 2007

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, July 16, 2007

7:00 P.M. Fuller Park

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda. Moved and approved

3. Approval of Minutes. Posted on the website. Moved and approved.

4. Election of 2007-2008 Officers
President: Sarah Cortright
Vice President: Ryan Fisher
Secretary: Mary Davidson
Treasurer: Jerry Doyle

5. Chelsea Adams, CPS 5th Precinct, Sec. 3
Community liason to MPD. Providing introduction and her contact info. Contact handout has information on signing up for optional safety mailing list for sector 3.
Clarification of city phone numbers: 911 for any emergency response request. 311 is city directory, non-emergency.
Emphasized the need to convey the urgency of your call to 911. The more information that can be provided in the call, the better.
MPD Can provide free security assessment of your home. Hiding spots in landscaping, security of windows and doors.
Graffiti should be reported to 311

6. Mayflower Housing Project – Harry Kaiser
Email board@www.tangletown.org with questions following the meeting/presentation.
Harry noted as attended: Scott Benson, Frank Hornstein, Gayle Dorfmann, Carol ?? (from RT Rybak office)
“Tangletown Residents for Smart Density”
see full presentation at Tangletown website

6.1. 35W update from Scott Benson
MNDOT is trying to get a permit to do overnight work on Crosstown/35W Project. MNDOT has proposed to do neighborhood meetings regarding noise from overnight work. City is pressing MNDOT to give an overall end date for the project. City has asked MNDOT about why they’re not working Saturdays as had been planned.

7. 4th of July Recap
We have $2231.15 in cash from the event. This total is a little more than last year. The final total revenue generated will be tallied once all expenses have been paid out.
Thanks to volunteers for all help. Got lots of good help from neighborhood volunteers this year.
Huge kudos to Laura Silver and all the work she’s done on the event!
Tips for future 4th of July events:
• Sell tickets at the high school ahead of time.
• Pre-count tickets a day ahead of time.
• Fewer raffle items this year over last
• Ran out of ice (only had 40 lbs, needed at least 100 lbs) – it was hot!
• Bought less water this year- we ran out.
• Bought same amount of chips as last year – had a few extra
• Bought 40 more hot dogs over last year – we had about 40 extra that sold for 2-for-1 at end of event.
Tom is looking for a plexiglass case for lego Watertower. Perhaps open it up to Leonardo’s Basement.

8. Upcoming Events – Newsletter, Home Tour
Submit ideas for upcoming TNA newsletter to Norman Foster by August 10.
September 23 will be the Home Tour. Doing good on getting homes committed for home tour, with a few people still deciding. Will be looking for volunteers to work during the home tour. 1-3 pm and 3-5 pm shifts; includes a free ticket to the event.

9. New Matters – Board Members or Members of Tangletown
Board has a member who had been nominated as a board member, but later decided not to participate. There are two people interested in joining the board. Proposal to allow one more person join (to replace the person who dropped out) the board is raised and passed. Interested individuals should plan to nominate themselves at the August meeting, for approval vote from the board.

NRP committee members have been encouraged to be in contact with city representatives to be sure that neighborhoods are getting 100% of their allotted NRP funds. There have been proposals to allocate funds in waves rather than all at once if even 100%.
Proposal to use some NRP funds to help residents pay for tree removal in cases where trees have been declared diseased by the city. NRP committee will look in to this.

We will be discussing TNA Board’s role in writing a letter to the city planning commission regarding proposed Mayflower development. We are reviewing our current by-laws to see what is allowed. Further discussion and decision is tabled until next meeting.

10. Adjournment

Attendance: Sarah Cortright, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Joe Thiegs, Mary Davidson, Meredith Johnson, Mary Jane Mitchell

Not present: -none-

2007-2008 Board
Sarah Cortright, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Joe Thiegs, Mary Davidson, Meredith Johnson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Chris Burns

Minutes approved August 21st.