July 2004


Board Members in attendance: Karen Larson, Georgia Stephens, Catalina Chadbourn, Lynell Voigt, Norman Foster
Others present: Mayor R. T. Rybak, Rus Thomas, Paul Lehman, Randy Baker, Mary Ann Campo, Captain Chris Arneson and her assistant, Sam Sarat, and Steve Horton
1. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm.
2. Mary Ann Campo presented us with a variance request for 512 West 53rd St. Motion not to oppose; by Lynell Voigt; Seconded by Catalina Chadbourn; Passed unanimously;
3. Randy Baker presented his plans for137 West 46th for our attention and discussion.
4. Steve Horton announced his plans for a new Bakery, “Rustica” adjacent to Java Jacks at and Grand. Although outside of our neighborhood, he wanted to let us know about the new construction for a business near our boundaries.
5. Paul Lehman distributed the budget for the SW neighborhood’s franchise of “Getting To The Bottom of the Ballot”. He requested our consideration of a contribution to this voting initiative which takes place between August 2004 and May 2005. We will be discussing this at the next TNA meeting. He then touched on the update of the Corridor Housing Initiative, and requested 20 minutes for a more thorough presentation and discussion at our next meeting. This will be on the agenda for our August meeting.
6. Mayor Rybak:
a) Captain Chris Arneson will be the future leader of the 5th district. The Mayor introduced her and her assistant Dale. She gave us a brief history of her experience with the Police Department. She can be contacted at 612-673-5504.
b) The budget: We received a copy of the proposed budget.
c) After many attempts to reach a compromised solution to the reneged promises of the Airport Commission to provide affected houses with noise insulation, the city has decided to sue.
d) The Mayor has established a Committee for continued discussion of the Smoking Ban proposal in Minneapolis. The cooperation of surrounding communities is needed for a workable solution.
e) Water those trees!! 5,000 trees have been planted to replace the numerous elms lost to Dutch elm disease. It is our responsibility to keep them alive.
f) The Mayor then emphasized the importance of our participation in the Corridor Housing Program. It is our chance to directly influence how we want our neighborhood to grow.

7. Rus Thomas and NRP News:
a) August the 16th is the NRP neighborhood meeting in combination with our regularly scheduled TNA Board meeting.
b) We approved the request to reinstate Ed Wunsch as NRP Treasurer for another year. Moved by Catalina Chadbourn; Seconded by Georgia Stephens.
c) Rus will help the Board revise and make current our TNA By-Laws at a meeting to be schedules.
8. Sam Sarat requested $455 to help maintain the Water Tower landscaping. In the 1998 contract with the City water Department, it states that neighborhood volunteers will be responsible for this. NRP monies are not available for this phase of the project. We approved the request pending a review of the budget with our Treasurer to make sure the money is available.
9. Home Tour Update—Lynell Voigt
a) 5 houses have been selected.
b) Catalina moved and Lynell seconded a motion to charge $8 a ticket for the tour
10. The Fall Festival will take place on October 2nd, 2004. a committee is being formed to make the festival happen.
11. Catalina gave a report on further reaction to the cancellation of the 4th of July Parade.
12. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Georgia Stephens