January 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2024 TNA meeting:

Attendees, board members: Claire Blanchette, Pat Collins, Heather Grovum, Kellie Hanson, Pat Prochaska, Stephanie Scott, Ian Stade, Dan Treinen, and Will Young

Attendees, non-board members: Emily Koski, Erin Que, and Andrea Siegel

Called to order at 7:04

  1. Councilmember Koski:
    1. New council recently began
      1. Sustainability and environmental issues added to the overhauled Public Works Committee
      2. Trying to get the Budget Committee to become a standing committee
    2. Margaret Anderson Kelliher is the new Chief Operating Office for the City, now a full cabinet
    3. Open houses scheduled for January 22 and January 29 about Public Safety
      1. Will be reviewing using traffic safety cameras and seeking change in state law to be able to use them
  2. Fuller Park update:
    1. Park is open for teens and tweens with activities, video games, etc.
  3. Secretary update:
    1. Will asked that the November minutes be updated to reflect the online vote regarding to use TNA funds for the 3030 Nicollet Project.  Claire moved to hold a vote; Mark seconded.  Ian voted Yes.  Claire, Mark, Pat C., Heather, Pat P., Dan, and Will voted No.  Motion did not pass.
    2. Heather moved to approve November minutes with inclusion of above paragraph; Ian seconded.  Passed unanimously.
  4. Treasurer update:
    1. Some payments from the city and from grants came in at the end of the year
    2. $4,000 in solar panel rebates were issued
    3. Total expenditures of 2023 of $50,559 compared to a planned $67,862
  5. Erin Que presentation on historic resource study
    1. Minneapolis City Ordinance 599.210 defines historic resource
      1. These are not formally designated by the city council (like the Water Tower) but instead done through a study
      2. Several historic studies of Tangletown date back to 1981
      3. 2005 study defined a potential boundary of about 700 properties
    2. City historic preservation staff review all demolition permit applications even if properties has not been identified as a historic resource
      1. If historic resource, the application needs to show the demolition is necessary for unsafe or dangerous position or if there is no reasonable alternative (Ordinance 599.480)
    3. Demolition permit applied for 400 Prospect Avenue in October
      1. Reviewers stated the property was a historic resource, so it needs a historic resource demolition application
      2. December meeting denied the demolition application, established interim protection, and directed a designated study of the whole neighborhood
        1. The interim protection for the whole neighborhood was lifted after consultation from city attorney
      3. Decision appealed and will be heard January 30 at 1:30pm
        1. If granted, the demolition will be approved with no study
        2. If denied, the demolition will not be allowed and a study of the property will be initiated for just the 400 Prospect Property
    4. A designated study includes
      1. Photos of all properties
      2. Research into owners, architects, builders, and the neighborhood
      3. A final written report evaluating the criteria with a recommended boundary
        1. Criteria include events, persons, identity, design, works of masters, and important info for history and prehistory
        2. Only needs to meet 1 criterion, not all
      4. After report, public meetings and a four-month review before City Council makes final decision
    5. Mayor and city council can push for a designated district
  6. MRP Policy Board
    1. City is adding representatives from all neighborhoods to monitor finances
    2. Steph agreed to serve.  Pat P. nominated; Heather seconded.  Passed unanimously.
  7. 2024 Budget
    1. Planned expenses of $65,465 ($2,000 less than planned 2023 budget)
    2. Need to increase donations/gifts and sponsorships
    3. Heather moved to approve the budget; Kellie seconded.  Passed unanimously.
    4. For the equitable portion of the budget, this is the second year of a 2-year planning cycle
      1. Claire moved to approve; Dan seconded. Passed unanimously.
  8. Executive Director contract
    1. Andrea requested raise from $35/hour to $40/hour
    2. Executive Committee met and recommended the raise
    3. Passed unanimously
  9. Committee Updates
    1. Environmental
      1. FixIt Clinic had 146 attendees
      2. March 23 (noon-130) Lunch and Learn scheduled about prolonging the life of electronics at Fuller Park
      3. Still planning two additional events
      4. Pushing commitment cards at their events
      5. 5 solar rebates have now been approved and they voted to extend the rebate program through December 2024
    2. Equity
      1. Need more committee members
      2. IDI approved with funds in the new Equitable Engagement budget
      3. Bystander Training seems to be at a dead end with no one to administer
      4. Mayflower Church approached about partnership for Doing Good Together
        1. No date yet
        2. Costs $200 to purchase supplies
        3. Even for multigenerational volunteering with stations
      5. Neighborhood Survey Planning will go forward in a way to compare by paring down past surveys and trying to compare questions over time
    3. Building, Land Use, and Housing
      1. WinterFest planning almost complete
        1. Councilmember Koski mentioned people with connections to Camp Du Nord for possible sing
      2. March 20 meeting on neighborhood crime and safety will be over Zoom with Jennifer Waisenan and Inspector Nelson
      3. Neighborhood Garage Sale will be first weekend in May
        1. Heather moved for up to $500 in funds for signage; Dan seconded.  Passed unanimously.
      4. Pat P photographing utility boxes, Will reviewing application process for Utility Box Wraps
    4. Southwest Neighborhood Collaborative
      1. Kickoff meeting will be next week
      2. Negotiated some payment funds from other partner neighborhoods for Andrea’s staff time
  10. Executive Director Report
    1. Most time went to finalizing the budget

Meeting adjourned at 8:51pm