January 2022 Board Minutes

Monday January 17th, 2022 7:00PM

In attendance, Kelly Hanson, Ben Levy, Will Young, Dirk Nicholson, Sally Bauer, Lauren Kramer, Kyle Goldschmidt, Pat Collins, Scott Massey, City Council Member Emily Koski

7:03 Call to Order

Introduction to Minneapolis City Council Member Emily Koski. Update on emergency order of PCR testing requirements showing a negative test or proof of vaccination, in addition to mask mandate anywhere indoors within the city of Minneapolis. There is no expiration of this, it is TBD based upon Covid numbers. There will be a redistricting of the Parks and Recreation Boards based upon population. Andrea Jenkins was elected president of the City Council,  Linnea Palmisano is Vice President. 

Office/Staff Contact Information:

o Emily Koski – Council Member – emily.koski@minneapolismn.gov – (612) 322-4221

o Melissa Hill – Senior Policy Aide – melissa.hill@minneapolismn.gov 

o Corinne Horowitz – Policy Associate – corinne.horowitz@minneapolismn.gov

o Temporary Office Phone: (612) 673-6141 (Extension Number for Voicemail Only: 2211)

o Sign up for our Ward 11 Newsletter on the Ward 11 webpage – the first newsletter will come out next week.

• Black/African American Community Meeting:

o This is a formal invitation to participate in a meeting for the Black/African American community in Ward 11 to build connections and engage in conversation with our myself, your current Council Member. This will be an online meeting Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM via Microsoft Teams. 

o Black/African American Community Meeting for Ward 11

Date: Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Time: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Location: Microsoft Teams Meeting Room – contact us for the link

o It is our intention that this meeting will act as the first of many meetings during which the Black/African American Community can engage in regular dialogues with my office.

o If you know of other community members in Ward 11 that may be interested in this conversation or getting better connected to our Black/African American community, please forward this email to them. We’d like to reach as many Black and African American people as possible.

Table approving our November meeting minutes during our next meeting.

Financial updates:

Approval of the 13k for security rebates through 2021, Dirk makes a motion to continue to utilize the $13,000 that was approved for the security rebate. Heather seconds the motion. All in favor, motion approved. 

Financial Updates:

Sally updates that our NRP funds of $300,000 that are all allocated into our program implementation. The city has been saying that our CPP money had to be spent or lost annually. The sum of the money behind the scenes is that the previous CPP money that wasn’t spent was reallocated to our NRP fund, and 65,000 of that was to be lost for the 2021 year. Sally was able to correct past CPP allocation money to avoid losing these funds. 

Quickbooks has been implemented as per the city statute. There is no January budget report to be read, January and February will be read together. 

Year end treasurer’s report shows that there are city reimbursements, and the profit and loss statement will be read at the February meeting. Year end budget will be completed in quickbooks and new categories added and 

Bylaws update: We have to change our bylaws to include language that allows us to operate our elections online and to allow members to vote via online forum within a specified timeframe. Will volunteered to draft language to add to our bylaws per city regulation. 

7:50 pm Committee updates

Fundraising task force (Lauren) – updates, postcards will be mailed to all households. Sally has been working on getting salesforce up and running to track donations. Website has a donate button that will link to fundraising. Action item: task force will have a fundraising campaign letter that will go out in the spring. Sandwich board and task force members will be present at Winterfest to bring visibility to fundraising efforts. 

Livability & Engagement (Sally)- Winterfest are we going to have a contingency plan for the event due to Covid numbers? Encouraging people to sanitize their hands and wear masks when interacting with vendors or volunteers. We will follow through with hosting the event with messaging sent out including covid precautions. Call for volunteers to assist. There will be a suggested for s’mores supplies. Hannah Bistro food truck and Vikings Table will be present for food purchase options. Equitable engagement plan is beginning to be implemented. 

Environmental (Pat) – One of the things that we would like to do is host an event about de-mystifying solar panels. There have only been 13 respondents so far. Green partners grant events January 29th, shopping & storing food to reduce food waste. Amy Moss from Hennepin County will February 16th at 7pm, Chow Girls executive chef will do a cooking demo. Lyndale, Kingfield, and Tangletown will partner to apply for a $40,000 grant from Hennepin County to plant pollinator friendly gardens to attract bees that are at 

Equity (Dirk) –  Had a meeting with the Principal of Washburn to loop in students to contribute to TNA publications. As the rent stabilization amendment has passed  the committee would like to find a way to. Equitable engagement plan has been passed and delving into what this may look like, partnering with other board members to broaden outreach to other neighbors.

Building Land Use and Housing – Security rebate continues. Signage at the water tower may be soon finalized. Transportation survey Flyers will be going out to apartment buildings to increase engagement to better reflect our neighborhood demographics.

8:20 ED report- 

Funding through the city has been approved. 

Sally’s hours may need to be adjusted due to covid related circumstances. 

Sally will not be in attendance at the next board meeting. 

Assessment of board member experience feedback, a link will be emailed. Sally and Jon will discuss the board assessment survey prior to the meeting in February. 

Merger discussion due to budget reduction from the city in the next year. We’re doing a great job of diversifying our fundraising abilities. Staff from Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhoods are interested in merging to ensure that we have enough funding to operate long term. Begin to think about creating an exploratory group of board members to start discussions with other neighborhood boards to further develop ideas pertaining to merging. 

City has funding available this year to assist neighborhoods with merging their neighborhood associations. 

Sally will send outreach emails to other neighborhoods pertaining to starting conversations about merging.  Dirk, Kelly, Pat, and Ben volunteered to be part of these meetings. 

8:41 Adjourn