January 2020 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 20, 2020  7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Carl Arrell, Dick Fiala, Dirk Nicholson, Brenda Anderson, Pat Collins, Kellie Hanson

Board members absent: Alyssa Thull, John Dukich, Dan Williams, Brian McDonald, Bernadette Tomko, 

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director), 3 Community Members, Council Member Schroeder

Called to order: 7:05

Officer Reports:

No Quorum -did not approve November’s meeting minutes

Sally did a brief overview of our year end financials.

One other item was the online voting approval of the new sound system for Fuller Park.  The system has been installed.

Partner Updates –

CM Schroeder – Gave an update on the Fullertown Flats.  The site plan has been approved but the Parking variance has not been approved. Apparently, the developer is coming back with a modified plan which may or may not void the original approval. 

Brief overviews from Schroeder on his Resolution on Climate Emergency, the Social Cost of Carbon, Updates on restoring funding for Senior Services, and Crime (which is still an issue, especially garage break-ins and catalytic converter thefts) 

The funding shift for Neighborhood Associations is an issue for further study from his office. 

Budget Review:

We currently don’t have an approved budget (due to the lack of a quorum at the last two meetings). Sally walked through the 2020 draft budget and highlighted any changes from 2019, there were no questions.  Sally will send an email for an online vote.   

Executive Director Performance Review:

Carl will send out Google form to review Executive Director performance. Executive Committee will convene to discuss results highlighting any areas for improvements and strengths. The board will hold a closed session at the end of February’s board meeting to discuss any proposed changes to pay and benefits. Carl will meet with Sally to go over performance review results afterwards.

Work Plan Review:

Sally walked through the organizational work plan. None of the committees have updated their portion of the work plan. Each Committee needs to review their individual work plans and provide updates into the current document in the shared directory.

Discussion of the committee recruitment event (should we have 3 separate or 1 large event), goal of hosting one larger event, Dirk and Sally will coordinate on venue and date, likely March.

Committee Updates:

Spaces Committee: Focus for the first quarter will be for the committee to review the current projects and priorities of the committee.

Engagement Committee:  Overview of the upcoming Winterfest event, which is February 22, from 5-8 at Fuller Park.  Blooma will sponsor a Family Yoga session and Dirk is working with other local businesses to secure their participation.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!  Seeking $1500 budget, will be voted on online due to lack of quorum.  

Environmental Committee: Continue to support the adopt a drain program, and energy rebate program.  Looking into what a Textile Reuse/Recycle event on March 21 might look like. 

ED Report

The Neighborhood 2020 CURA document that was in the pre-meeting email is something every board member should read.  It has some rather dramatic recommendations for the future of Neighborhood Association funding.  

There is an upcoming Neighborhoods 2020 session as part of the Community Connections Conference on February 1st,  and if you have the time to attend it would be educational.  

Also in the pre-meeting board packet was a Calendar of known events.  Please review.  We have a lot of events planned. If we need to add more events, we may need to reduce other events/programs, we’re at capacity. 

We need to pick two highlights for the CPP Annual Report.  We agreed that Sally should use the following:

  1. Organics:  Highlight all the events and process we have made in this area
  2. New Events/Community Engagement: including Street Party, Winterfest, Alley Clean Up, Spring Spruce Up  and how we as a Board have facilitated Neighborhood Discussions (Fullertown Flats)

We agreed to include outside speakers as part of our regular monthly board meetings.  The two upcoming speakers will include one which focuses on the Census and one on the 35W progress.

CLCLT loan went through at $60,991 and the property is expected to be completed in Q3 2020.