January 2019

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 21st, 2019 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Joy Gottschalk, Pat Collins, Brian McDonald, Ryan Fisher, Briana Daymont, Dirk Nicholson, Kellie Hanson, Carl Arrell, Erik Brenna, Valerie Hurst, John Dukich

Board members absent: Steve Wohlford, Dan Williams

Due to other commitments, Dick has temporarily stepped away from the board.

Also present: Jeremy Schroeder, Jeff Washburne

Called to order: 7:04 pm

Officer Reports


Pat made a motion to approve the November minutes, Joy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.


Credit fraud caught on our debit card account, which was caught and rectified.

A $1,350 past expense was reconciled, balancing our accounting.

Board will soon review and approve 2018 P&L report.

Sally will check 1099s and our 990 to be filed for 2018 tax reporting.

Financial review for NCR including audit of TNA procedures is upcoming. City to pay for this service.

City of Lakes Land Trust – Jeff Washburne

Kingfield Neighborhood Association funded $250k on a single family home in that neighborhood, for a low interest loan, administered by CLLT, supporting an affordable housing initiative. KNA’s funding is repaid to their org at sale and subsequent payoff of loan by homeowner. TNA would like to follow that model.

To date, no viable single family home has been found to fit criteria for this in Tangletown, so we’ll consider properties elsewhere in the city.

$150k-$170k in affordable housing assistance makes the program most viable. Foreclosures are ideal but infrequent to market.

Looking at several homes across the city to be sponsored by TNA, with TNA investment of $90k

CLLT doesn’t consider these arrangements to be significantly risky. Greatest risk is with regard to time, for construction and thus repayment.

Duration estimate of 2 months to rehab, 2-3 months to sell and close a property. Full cycle to be complete in less than one year, with loan repaid to TNA.

CLLT will share a proforma on a given property, for full disclosure to TNA board and City. Jeff will send that to Sally for two proposed properties for us to review and keep this moving ahead.

Council Member Schroeder Update

Passed a budget at the end of 2018.

Budget included $40M for affordable housing initiatives.

2040 Plan passed and is now passed along to Met Council for review and approval.

Looking forward to energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives in 2019. Energy disclosure at the time of home purchase and inspection, as part of the Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH). Increases inspection cost by $150. Subsidies will be made available to qualified buyers. Challenge is to bring similar to rental properties, holding landlords accountable similarly but without necessarily a sale of the property. This would be phased in over 4 years.

Intergovernmental Affairs Committee is working to champion city issues which are jurisdiction of state regulation and control, for greater autonomy at the city level.

FY19 Budget final review and vote

Bri and Brian presented spreadsheet detailing 2018 revenue and spend, changes with justification for 2019, and the proposed 2019 TNA budget.

Joy moves and Carl seconds a motion to approve the proposed 2019 budget. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Executive Director Review February

Use a Google form to collect feedback on Sally’s performance confidentially. Bri will manage data collection and Executive Committee will discuss how to prioritize and present a plan back to board.

Closed session at March 2019 TNA meeting, where only board members will review ED plan prior to delivering to Sally.

Business liaison role and outreach

Desire for a more intentional outreach direct to Tangletown businesses, fostering a stronger relationship between Tangletown businesses and TNA. Building these relationships has taken a great deal of Sally’s time, but shown minimal relative value. Seeking a TNA representative from our board membership to culture relationships and a plan for business engagement. Plug in with Southwest Business Association. Dirk shall take the lead with this.

Year in Review and Board Assessment

Sally and Bri drafted a document to articulate 2018 work of TNA, included in recent newsletter and website currently.

Board assessment results review, led by Bri. Ask is for TNA board members to take up a particular area that we’re each focused on, perhaps an area of expertise, to individually champion within and on behalf of the board.

Pat Collins will be TNA’s representative for Neighborhood 2020.

Google Drive overview

Bri walked through the process to access Google Drive. All board members report they have a Google account, used for accessing our shared docs, and have familiarity to be able to access.

Committee Updates

Spaces (Bri, Dirk)

3 goal setting docs, for each planned initiative. Clarifying what committee members will take on, versus what’s assigned to Sally.

Engagement (John)

Dick Fiala is on leave indefinitely. Bri will join Engagement Committee.

Tangletown Winter Fest planned for February 16, 2019, at Fuller Park.

Ordering welcome bags and reviewing content for those.

Environmental (Joy)

Planning for sewer stenciling, which Pat is heading up

Andrea and WHS student are driving a subcommittee

Sustainability Sam is similar to a “Dear Abby” column appearing in TNA newslettters

Brian is leading cooking and food feasibility planning, perhaps for a cooking class

Energy group would like to subsidize home energy inspections.

ED Report

Community Connections Conference February 2, 2019. Pat, Ryan, and possibly Brian and Joy plan to attend.

Winter Fest – TNA board members should sign up online to volunteer

Next meeting will review TNA bylaws and proposed changes.

Adjourned: 8:28

Minutes submitted by Ryan Fisher, TNA Board Member