January 2016

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 18, 2016 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell, Dan Williams, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Dick Fiala, Andrea

Siegel, Karen Costello, Steve Bieringer, Laura Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk

Board members absent: Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dylan Sirny, Eric David

Called to order: 7:08pm

December 21, 2015 Meeting/Holiday Party recap: the Sustainability Committee proposed a 2016 budget of

$9,502 mainly focused on activities and education surrounding the City of Minneapolis' Organics Recycling

program, which will come to Tangletown in early 2016. A motion was made to approve the budget as proposed and

was seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

CERT Seed Grant

Joy has been working with the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT) organization to secure a grant for solar

energy assessments of buildings in our neighborhood. A motion was made to approve participation in the CERT

grant program and was seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

Southwest Happy Hour

The Southwest Business Association contacted TNA to see if anyone would be interested in attending events

focused on Southwest businesses. Abby will follow up for more info.

TNA Website Update

The new TNA website was launched in December. Lauren asked about ways to hilight major TNA events on the

website, possibly via headline-type links. The website committee said that for now, board members can forward

information to committee members who will post it on the site.

Spring Newsletter

Board members should begin gathering information for the spring newsletter. Lauren suggested three newsletters to

get more exposure of neighborhood events (March, summer, and fall). However, a March newsletter would be too

early for the garage sale and the board will revisit newsletter timing next year.

Annual Meeting

The TNA annual meeting will be held on Monday, May 16 and board members were asked to think about

themes/topics. Two years ago a speaker from the City of Minneapolis talked about tree disease and last year a

speaker from Homegrown Minneapolis talked about growing local food. Sandra suggested a speaker from the

Minneapolis Water Department, given recent nationwide interest in municipal water quality. Andrea will ask the

City if they have an available speaker. Andrea also proposed topics around homelessness.

TNA Garage Sale 2016

Steve and Eric will work on the garage sale. Tentative dates are May 6 th and 7 th . Abby asked whether we should

engage a charity like Ark, DAV, or Salvation Army again to pick up left-overs. That hasn't worked well in the past

so it was instead decided to add information about various organizations to the literature and let participants

schedule pickups of left-over items if they wish to.

4 th of July @ Fuller Park

The 4 th is a Monday this year. Sandra will contact the Roe Family Singers who TNA has tried and failed to book in

the past due to time constraints. 2015 attendees requested more kid-friendly food options and more fruit water

(which ran out early). Laura suggested replacing the missing parade banner, and Steve asked whether the banner

should be specific to the 4 th of July, or generic for Tangletown. Andrea suggested contacting Minneapolis Taps

which provides water stations and she will reach out to them. TNA will also request more games led by park staff

and ensure face painting is available this year. Mary-Jane suggested asking in the newsletter whether anyone in the

neighborhood would like to or knows someone who could face paint. Andrea suggested reaching out to the

Washburn Arts department to collaborate; Sandra and Mary-Jane will do this. We'll form a planning committee at

the February meeting.

Coordinator Report

Abby organized our storage room and cleaned out old items. Mary-Jane suggested buying storage bins to help

organization, and Abby will purchase bins and submit receipts. Abby reported that we only have 3 nametags for

board members (which are used at various events to identify the board) and she will bring some prototypes to the

next meeting for approval to purchase new ones. Mary-Jane requested an inventory of the storage room which Abby

already compiled, and she will send that out.

Abby also proposed working from the Fuller Park Rec Center for a few hours during each week during February and

before TNA events to increase visibility, participation, and outreach. She will stay within her budgeted hours; the

board agreed. Abby will send out emails to the board about her “office hours”.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the November 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra submitted reimbursement requests to the City for 2014 contracts. The City objected that TNA

didn't turn in 2013 & 2014 annual reports, but we believe we have done so. Abby will follow up with Jack to

clarify. We requested reimbursement of 2014 expenses in the amount of $10.788.66, and the City requested

clarification for $255.75 of that amount before reimbursement. Sandra will follow up with the city to clarify.

TNA received a $100 check which board members aren't completely clear on the origin of. Abby will follow up.

The NCR account has $5507.94 and the Tangletown account has $18,171.88, not including the city reimbursement

for NCR/CPP contracts for 2014. A motion to approve the financials report was made, seconded and approved.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): no status at this time

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): committee members need access to our Google Docs. Lauren will

ensure this happens.

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): the committee would like contact information for Washburn staff involved with

arts for connecting about student artists, for the purpose of involving Washburn students in the program. The

committee will focus on the 3 or 4 most visible intersections in Tangletown to start with.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): a refined budget was reviewed and discussed in more detail. Since the

Organics Recycling focus will end in the summer after the program has rolled out in Tangletown, the committee will


Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): the committee is addressing comments and suggestions

through tweaks to the site. They have a potential budget request for $1,500 for development of graphics, logos, and


School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): no status at this time

Partner and Other Announcements


Adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary