January 2013


BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, January 21, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present:  Steve Bieringer – Vice President, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Jane Elias, Jeff Gears, Tony Proell, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny

Also present:  John Quincy –  Ward 11 Council Member,  Lauren Anderson – resident, Collect Gross – Colwell Banker Burnet, Robert Gintner – Coldwell Banker Burnet

1.     Call to Order 7:05

2.     Introductions

3.    Garage Sales – Steve noted that the sale will probably be the 1st weekend in May and this year it won’t coincide with Mother’s Day which is good.  Steve is trying to get signs that are reusable this year.

4.     John Quincy – Reported that neighborhood summit next will be 2/11 topic crime and safety.  He hopes to have the 3rd and 5th precinct crime specialists there.  John wanted to make sure that neighborhoods are aware of Washburn High School incident that happened on January 11th where a group of students dangled a dark skilled baby doll by a string.  The school is treating it as an important issue.  Senator Jeff Hayden and city council members John Quincy and Elizabeth Glidden held a neighborhood meeting at the school to facilitate community engagement.

There is a half million dollar budget for the Gateway project to enhance the resident side of sound walls along the 35W corridor with artwork, sculpture, benches, bike racks and the like. The city is looking for representatives from the surrounding communities to be involved in the planning process.  The specific neighborhoods would be Hale-Page-Diamond Lake, Field-Regina-Northrup, Tangletown, Windom, Kenny and Armatage.  City council and the park board staff are working in conjunction with the city of Richfield.  The kickoff meeting on February 28th will set priorities and an agenda through the end of August at which time a plan will be presented to MNDOT.  Work on the gateway project should begin in the spring of 2014.

Airport – John and Betsy Hodges attended the last Fulton neighborhood association meeting to inform residents about the status of FCC plans for changes to flight paths that would increase traffic over some Southwest neighborhoods. There were over 100 in attendance at the meeting including TNA board member, Charlie Siftar.  The city feels that there was not enough engagement of the community or research on the environmental impact of the noise levels for tracks 30R and 30L.  MAC supported this view and the FAA agreed to delay the implementation of those tracks.  We have a two year reprieve on the 30 tracts.  The city is asking for more noise studies and noise mitigation plans.  Tangletown mostly experiences arrivals on the 30L track.  Almost one hundred percent of arrivals from the South fly over our neighborhood.  The city continues to work hard with the FAA and the offices of senators Klobuchar and Frankin.  John encouraged residents to stay engaged.  Brian Simons developed SWAAT (SW airport advisory team) and Charlie Siftar will be a member of this group that will meet periodically.  Tony Proell may also be involved.

Road projects this year in Tangletown – 50th Street by Washburn.

5.    Spring Newsletter – The Spring Newsletter will include information about the Annual Garage Sales and the 4th of July event.  Lauren suggested a mention of the new single-sort recycling program to be implemented in the Spring.  John mentioned that the city rolled out the program to 30,000 already and the only complaint was that the carts are too big so next year they are looking at offering a smaller size.  The city did away with the recycle credit and instead changed to the lowest possible garbage rate city wide.

Once the communications subcommittee meets, Carolyn will send out an email with subjects for other articles so that board members can contribute to the Newsletter.

6.    Fuller School History – Tom is in Florida but will have a draft done sometime in April of the Fuller History booklet and the plaque.

7.     Responsible Banking Campaign – Mary Jane was not present to give an update.

8.    Neighborhood Survey – CURA (U of M Center for Urban and Regional Affairs) rejected TNA’s proposal to help with the survey.  The Survey subcommittee hasn’t met again, but will be soon.  We will reach out to NCR for assistance.  John Quincy noted that there should be survey examples from other neighborhoods that NCR can provide.

John noted that there should be examples from other neighborhoods.

9.  Secretary Report – The November minutes were approved without change.

10.  Treasurer’s Report – We had an NCR deposit of $9,600 because of a refund on contract of 25795 for old items.  That contract is now up to date and has an end date of 1/2015.  The façade contract ended 12/31/2012 and we still have $2,000 on this contract so we should get the contract extended.  The 3rd CPP contract was approved and covers 7/1/2012 through 12/31/2013 of which we have spent approximately $10,000.  Taxes are up to date and the Profit and Loss statements for 2011 and 2012 are done.  Both years show losses because we did not get refunds/reimbursements for expenses within those years.

Current Balances:  CPP $10,723.24 NCR $34,386.28.

An old CPP account has $6,000 that needs to be transferred to the new CPP account.

Other financial topics:  Jane noted that Tjody should be paid for the Newsletter even if it’s only two issues a year.   Steve suggested we send out bids.  Carolyn offered to research in our charter to see how we can contract this out.  As well as look at possibly contracting out a developer for our website enhancement.

Sandra needs to do the TNA 1099’s.

11.  NUSA – Nexus Company in St. Paul has taken over as the fiscal agent for the event.  John is working on some fundraising.  NCR is doing a community connections conference on the last day of the event.

12.  Arts Committee – The mural initiative is moving forward with two sites – the Sigh Yoga building and the Tangletown Bike Shop building.  Carolyn has been trying to get information on a Graffiti micro grant to move forward with the utility box projects, but so far there is no word from the city that there will be money for 2013.

13.  Communications Committee – The committee did not meet since our last meeting.  No report.

14.  NRP Committee – Mary Jane was not present to report on the façade improvement status.  Sandra noted that we paid out a couple of contracts and have signed off on a couple more.  John asked is we submitted a new request for more funds and that we should check with NEHBA on this.

15.  Sustainability – The committee has not met since our last meeting so there is no report.

16.  Wellness Committee – This committee has not me since our last meeting but there was some discussion about projects under this committee.  Lauren noted that Allina is a good organization to work with to get grants for wellness projects.  She will look up how to apply for the grant.  John mentioned that we could work with the park board as well.  Sandra noted that she would like to include the business committee on wellness projects.

17.  Business – Dylan noted that Jane, Charlie and himself met and discussed branding the Tangletown businesses.  They need to reach out to more businesses with the proposition and they plan to get that done this month.

18.  Tangletown Troll – He resides in Carolyn’s garage.

19.  NEHBA – Matt Perry was not present so there was no report.

20.  Fuller Park – Carol was not present but she asked that we check out new furniture and carpentry improvements – built in tables and gate by front counter. Park staff says thank you to TNA.

21.  Rob & Colette from Colwell Bankers said that they can are helping the Bridging program by collecting used furniture, utensils, etc.  They arrange for pick up and transport to Bridging.  They wanted to know the best way to communicate this to our residents.   Steve noted that we can put the information on Garage Sale flyer, but that they may get “junk”.  Colette said that they can filter the items when they pick them up.  They work with AAA who donates the truck and pick-up service.  Steve will follow up with Rob and Colette to get more information.

22.  Adjournment 8:16pm

Next Meeting: Monday, February 18, 2013 at Fuller Park.