January 2012

Minutes of January 16, 2012 TNA Board Meeting

Monday, January 16, 2012 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell –Vice President, Ryan Fisher – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary,  Jane Elias, Janine Allison, Tjody DeVaal, Lynell Voigt, Steve Bieringer, April Heers

Also present: Matt Perry (NEHBA President), Christy (applicant for coordinator position)

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.
  2. The November meeting minutes were approved without change at the December meeting/holiday gathering.
  3. NRP Subcommittee report – Subcommittee members Ryan, April, Mary Jane and Jane reported that they haven’t met recently and that they need to schedule another meeting.  A concern was raised that we need to look at spending our NRP funds before we lose them.  Christy noted that we need to put the allocations into contracts in order to not lose the funds.  Matt Perry clarified and said that we need a contract with the city and not yet with the individual vendors.  Mary Jane noted that we have funds “earmarked” for things like trees, bicycle racks, streetscaping of the bridges and landscaping of the water tower.
  4. Halloween Tour final report – Tjody reported that her and Jeff debriefed and documented what went well and what could use improvement and that the framed awards had been delivered to the winners.
  5. Mary Jane announced that there is a request from City Councilmember John Quincy to put together a list of the board’s goals for this year so that he can help support those goals.  Board members mentioned a few possible goals of events, annual meetings, the mural project, possibly a walk Tangletown event, and support of local businesses during the Lyndale Avenue bridge construction.  Mary Jane suggested that the board come up with short term and long term plans.  Mary Jane will set up a meeting with John Quincy on an upcoming Wednesday and all board members will be invited to attend. 
  6. Garage Sale – Steve and April will chair again.  The event will be on May 4th & 5th.  Steve noted that the sandwich boards work well for advertising and that we could use more of them.  Currently we have four.  The event will be announced in E-news, the newsletter and by a postcard mailing in a bright color.  The post card should be mailed the 1st week in April.  Mary Jane suggested the we provide a list of places to bring leftover garage sale items for participants.
  7.  Mural Project – Rhea provided some notes on this to Ryan.  Jane and Ryan stated that they will review the notes and Ryan will initiate the contract with NCR and Jane will move forward with the project.  Jane has a number of applicants and will write to Washburn for interested students.  Tony suggested using the newsletter to solicit student involvement because there are quite a few involved parents on the newsletter distribution list.  
  8.  Newsletter – Tjody reported that she has less time to commit to this project.  Mary Jane suggested that we should form a newsletter committee.   Tjody noted that the Southwest Journal is now filled with ads so maybe we don’t use this distribution method any more.  The target date for Spring newsletter is a March mailing.  Some items to include in the newsletter:  garage sale, 4th of July steering committee and volunteers, annual meeting 1st week in May, TT treasures.    
  9.  E-News – Ryan noted that there are 450 subscribers – some outside of Tangletown. 
  10.  Lyndale Avenue Bridge Reconstruction – Matt Perry stated that construction is to start tomorrow.  The closure was expected in spring so this is early due to the finding that endangered species spawn in the creek in the spring last weeks in March first week in April.  There are lots of unknowns so they are starting early to be done in October.  NEHBA put together a flyer to provide to local businesses and it will be distributed today.  There will be a meeting 12:30 Wed Jan 18 at Washburn with city and county officials with business owners to begin a dialogue.  Matt feels that it would be helpful to have input from neighbors for other alternate routes so that the city can manage the traffic on these routes.  Of concern is Humbolt and increased traffic because of kids at Lynhurst Park and also the street is not built for a lot of traffic.  Mary Jane asked what can the board do to help.   Matt suggested we promote the businesses and focus on alternative routes.  The official walking route is the Bryant pedestrian bridge. Ryan offered to do an email blast regarding the bridge project.  Janine asked if businesses can have picture or rendition of new bridge to show customers.  Matt agreed that this is a very good idea.
  11.  Janelle Nivens’ blog story on Tangletown neighborhood – Mary Jane asked the board if there is anything that we want to add.  The board agreed that it’s a great article with nice pictures.  Tjody suggested adding the goals for board and support of a free walking tour.
  12.  Fuller Park update – Carole Anderson not present.
  13.  Other business and announcements – There was no kite fest this year due to lack of ice (Lake Harriet). Matt commented on the Holiday campaign.  He thought that the signs and flyers were well distributed and there was good press of the initiative. Matt also noted that some lessons learned are that for Experience SW facebook page, there were many likes many outside of Minneapolis proper.  The initiative doubled the hit rate on Experience South West online directory (10,000 page views).  Matt also noted that they are branding the flyers so that the flyer colors for the Experience South West and the flyer for the bridge construction have the same look and feel and color scheme.
  14.  Treasurer’s report – Ryan noted that the TNA balance is $9,164.00, the NCR account is $5,000.00 and the NRP account is $3,111.00.  Matt noted that the updated guidelines are due to us in April and the new guidelines may allow for some food expenses.
  15.  Adjournment – 8:09pm