How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community

by Mia Birdsong

For September’s Equity Resource, Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s interim executive director Andrea Siegel recommends How We Show Up, by Mia Birdsong:

“In her book, Birdsong examines the American culture of ‘toxic individualism,’ hoarding, and a more-is-better attitude that leaves us feeling disconnected, discontent, isolated, and lonely. While she touches on how this culture reinforces injustices built around race, class, and gender, the book’s purpose is to be an invitation to community and provide models for connection.

Birdsong illuminates the myriad ways poor and marginalized communities create systems of support, safety, and belonging. She spotlights powerful models for building meaningful relationships and connections. While reading, I found myself thinking of the often-used Paul Wellstone quote, ‘we all do better when we all do better.’ The stories she shares highlight pathways to connection that are joyful and transformational, with the power to heal the loneliness that seems so pervasive in our culture. How We Show Up has expanded how I think about and show up for family, friends, and my community. I return to this book often for hope and for the possibility of showing up in new ways and reaping the rewards of a deeper, more connected Minneapolis.”