Fix-It Clinic Impact

Dear Sam,

I heard about a recent event in which the Tangletown Environmental Committee partnered with Hennepin County’s Fix It Clinic to host an event. I’m curious about the impact and how to get involved in future events.

With appreciation,



Dear Hope,

This event was a big success – thank you for asking about it! The Environmental Committee partnered with Hennepin County to host a Fix-It Clinic as part of their Green Partners Grant project focused on reducing electronics waste.

The event in January had 141 visitors, the third-highest attendance ever. Attendees brought 200 items, 150 of which were fixed or sent on their way to being fixed, for a fix rate of 75% and a total of 878 pounds diverted from the trash.

There are regularly over 50 volunteers who happily report to these events and find joy in being able to help repair people’s beloved items and contribute to the mission of waste reduction. One volunteer, Leigh, shared that she enjoys volunteering because it allows her to connect with her community and feel as though she’s able to make an impact toward reducing landfill waste.

If you would like to attend or get involved, the clinics are held on the second Saturday of most months from noon until 4 PM, with the last items accepted at 3:30 PM. Here’s a link to the calendar of upcoming Fix-It Clinics, examples of items to bring, and information on how to volunteer.



P.S. Commit to reducing your e-waste by taking Tangletown’s E-waste Reduction Commitment pledge!