February 2015

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, February 16, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Eric David, Matt Chapman, Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Karen Costello

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy

Called to order: 7:03pm

Update from Councilmember Quincy
Councilmember Quincy provided a city government update. His office is planning a Ward 11 collaborative summit at the Community Connections Conference, which takes place on Saturday, March 21st from 9am-3pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The conference is free to attend and Tangletown board members are encouraged to attend the summit or the full conference. Neighborhood communications (both print and social media) will be a topic of conversation at the Ward 11 summit. The board also discussed the role of our designated city Neighborhood Specialist around budgeting and other community outreach. Councilmember Quincy reported that the city is working on increased transparency on city budgeting and expenditures – a new tool on the city’s website has financial data (including from neighborhoods) from 2008 through 2015. Neighborhood organizations’ budget allocations can be included as part of this interactive feature.

Fuller Park building improvements update:
We are still awaiting warmer weather to finish the school age side of the playground and hold an opening event this spring.

TNA Coordinator position update:
TNA has hired Abigail Rowan as its new Coordinator. She should start in the next two to three weeks. The Hiring Committee will meet with Abigail soon to sketch out short-term work plans, a reporting structure, and orientation, and she should be at next month’s board meeting. Welcome, Abigail – we’re thrilled you’re here!

TNA Happy Hour:
Steve proposed scheduling this for March. The board will meet at Fuller Park on Monday, March 16th from 7-8pm and then move to La Fresca at 8pm.

TNA 2015 Annual Garage Sale
The Garage Sale will be held on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd. Sign-up information will go out in the spring newsletter, which should hit mailboxes in early April. Registration will close on April 18th or 19th. Due to issues with missed pick-ups in years past, the board is not planning to work with the Salvation Army on a charity pick-up. Steve is going to explore additional charities such as Bridging to do an after-event donation service. Lauren recommended contacting Epilepsy Foundation, which has a pretty generous accepted item list and does do pick-ups.

TNA Spring Newsletter
The Board would like to work with Tjody deVaal on this year’s spring newsletter. Steve proposed the board approve a $650 design fee for her design services, which was seconded and passed. Lauren proposed an article deadline of Monday, March 9th to ensure adequate time for review, printing, and mailing. Article assignments are listed below:

• TNA Annual Meeting – Andrea
• 4th of July – Ryan
• Garage Sale – Steve
• Green Day – Mary Jane
• Organics – sign up for carts – Lauren
• New Fuller Park playground equipment – Director Mike Fox
• Update from Councilmember Quincy
• Ramsey/Washburn schools update – Councilmember Quincy’s office
• Coordinator introduction – Ryan
• Sign up for the e-news
• Business features:
o Pet grooming/supply at 54th & Nicollet and All about you at 48th & Nicollet – Laura
o Pending opening date, the new business at 48th & Grand – Sandra

Annual Meeting
Dylan proposed the idea of focusing on urban food production and gardening as a topic for the Annual Meeting. Andrea proposed having Tangletown Gardens/Wise Acres present on their farm-to-table model, composting, and sustainability initiatives. Board members also brought up Fruits of the City, Homegrown Minneapolis, and Gardening Matters as potential speakers. Andrea will follow up with each organization – thanks, Andrea!

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the January 2015 Minutes with one edit to include Dylan on the attendance list was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra proposed that TNA allocate the rollover $42,084 left from the 2012-2013 #36084 CPP contract to the 2014-2016 CPP contract #38870 at the same levels as previously rolled over. The TNA accounts and CPP accounts are at $15,749.46 and $25,621.03 respectively. The board also discussed alternatives to taking donations at events or having an annual fundraising ask in the print newsletter.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Nothing to report.
• Communication – The board discussed strategies to expand TNA’s existing communications including monthly e-newsletters, Next Door, an updated website, an organizational facebook page and 3-4 annual print newsletters. Laura will send out an email to schedule a committee meeting in the next month and interested board members can attend. Dylan brought up the ease of using a WordPress template that can deliver content to facebook and e-lists automatically.
• NRP – TNA extended the business façade grant contract through December 2015 and would like to continue awarding grants, but only $1500 remains in the account. Steve moved that the organization move $5000 from a CPP account TBD to the business façade grant account. The motion was seconded and approved by the full board.
• Sustainability – Green Day is coming together and the Sustainability Committee is planning to meet on Wednesday, February 18th. Exhibitors are getting signed up and the committee is planning to have Beez Kneez and City of Mpls/TNA present workshops on urban beekeeping and organics respectively.
• Business – No new business outreach to report.

Partner and other announcements:
Several board members who have stepped down and a couple of prospective board members interested in joining at the Annual Meeting in May. Members will keep recruiting! Lauren brought up a couple of recent public safety incidents at 46th & Nicollet. Ryan proposed inviting our Minneapolis Police Department neighborhood crime prevention specialist, Jennifer Waisanen, to the Annual Meeting to give a 10-minute overview on crime prevention and safety in the neighborhood.

Adjourned: 8:32pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary