February 2011


Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell – Vice-President,  Mary Davidson — Treasurer, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Steve, Bieringer, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher,  April Heers

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm.
2. The January meeting minutes were approved with one addition from Mary Jane.
3. The winter weather prevented the attendance of all of the invited people and many of the board members, so many items in the agenda were dropped from the meeting.
4. The president moved approval of the Charitable Organization Report to the Minnesota Attorney General.  The motion passed unanimously.
5. NRP Subcommittee report (Ryan, April, MJ, Jane & Rhea) – The recent budgetary changes affecting the neighborhoods required a reallocation of funds and notice as prescribed by the by laws.  Mary Jane approved the Plan Modification for passage at the March Meeting, available here.
6. The board discussed the issue of voting by email, and decided that in the interest of transparency that anything beyond housekeeping motions are best acted upon during the regular meeting.  Bruce noted that the by laws permit an executive committee to act between meetings and made a motion to establish an executive committee consisting of the TNA officers and April Heers.  Bruce will investigate normalizing the rules governing the executive committee in the by laws.
7. Mary Jane reported on the communications subcommittee report (Rhea, Lynell, Kay Quinn, Tjody, & MJ).  There was discussion over generating an email mailing list for Tangletown Alerts, just like some other neighborhoods have (Fulton, for example).  There was further discussion over cost, mechanisms and rationale. The board will use the newsletter to announce and solicit a neighborhood email list list.  The committee also wanted to establish block contacts to enable the neighborhood to get welcome packets to new residents.
8. CEE Competitive Grant Program – Rhea attended the Grant Program Meeting. Tony will write a blurb for the newsletter on the challenge grants.
9. Dog Park Community Advisory Committee – Tony Proell and Vincent Moccio (Valleyview Place) will represent Tangletown on the Advisory Committee.
10. Nice Ride – Bruce reported on the Nice Ride document that showed likely sites for expansion.  There were two possible sites within the TNA area.  Bruce will follow up with Nice Ride.
11. Bike racks – Tony reported that there was nothing new on the bike racks.  He suggested that we have a resolution supporting bikes and walking in the neighborhood.
12. The neighborhood Clean Sweep program was discussed. Since the neighborhood did a large clean sweep last year, the board decided to skip it this year.
13. Mary Davidson reported on the current state of the treasury.
14. April Hears will investigate when the Lyndale Bridge public meeting will be held.
15. The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.