February 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting

Monday, February 15, 2010


Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – Vice President (and meeting chair), Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Chris Burns, Dick Fiala, Lynell Voigt, Steve Bieringer, Tony Proell, Jane Elias, Tom Steichen

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:02 by Mary Jane Mitchell.

2. The agenda was approved as amended.

3. Bruce asked that members check the January meeting minutes on line and requested that approval be delayed until the March meeting.

4. Larry Matsumoto from the Dept. of Public Works addressed the meeting about street resurfacing in Tangletown scheduled for this year. The department refers to this area at the Oak Hill East and he distributed a map of the 2010 Street Resurfacing Program as well as a 2010 Street Resurfacing Program Fact Sheet.  He described three types of road treatments and noted that the project in this area would include street resurfacing.  The city charges a standard 19 cents/sq. foot assessment to residences, which amounts to about $1064 per residence.  That assessment can be spread over a 5 year period.  Businesses are assessed a higher rate.  By March 23 the official design of the project is due.  An informational meeting for affected residents is planned for April 12 at 6:30pm at Richfield Lutheran Church.  On April 20 there will be a formal public hearing.  Mr. Matsumoto was asked about Stevens Avenue, and he replied Stevens was not included in the project, it would likely be reconstructed rather than resurfaced.  When asked about Nicollet Ave., he noted that Nicollet is tentatively scheduled for work in 2014.  He described the Department’s 5-year plan and the pavement management system that prioritized the repairs.

5. Mary Jane reported that another business, Central Auto Body, would receive funding under the NRP business façade improvement program.  So far two businesses in the Tangletown area have signed on to the program, and Mary Jane continues to meet with business owners in the area.

6. Tom Bolcom was not at the meeting so there was no update to other NRP Phase 2 projects.

7. Jane and Mary Jane reported on progress over the Tangletown brochure and were looking for input from other board members.

8. Bruce reported on a note from Mary Davidson, who noted that TNA is receiving some funds by direct deposit.  She asked that Ryan be diligent about noting when those transactions occur and the amount.  She will pursue an audit of the books when she returns.

9. Mary Jane reported on a request from Tobacco Free Youth Education for TNA to endorse a policy supporting a Tobacco-free Minneapolis Park.  Bruce wanted to know if the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board had been asked about this policy prior to soliciting support from Minneapolis neighborhood associations.  The board decided to delay action on the request until the next meeting.  Mary Jane asked for a Board member to contact MPRB.

10. Mary Jane reported that the renovations requested for the Fuller Park building were approved at the February 3 meeting of the Park Board.

11. Bruce reported on the Lakes District Council Meeting on January 28.  There were three items of note.  A Sustainability Assessment Report was described (the “Green Mark” report can be found here ), a report from the Lake Harriet Citizen’s Advisory Committee covering recommendations over the concession stand (the large, 342-page report can be found here), and an effort to develop a 5-year plan relating to Lake Calhoun.  Tangletown was invited to submit a vision statement about the lake but declined because of time.  The opportunity to submit a TNA vision appears to be open if anyone on the Board wishes to formulate a statement.

12. Announcements: Mary Jane reported on a request for 3 to 10 volunteers to attend the 5th annual Neighborhood Sustainability Conference, Saturday March 13, 8:30 to 4:30 at Central Lutheran Church.  She will circulate this further to find interested volunteers.

13. The meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.