February 2006

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, February 20, 2006
Presidents Day
7:00 P.M. Fuller Park

1) Meeting Called to Order – 7:05 pm

2) Approval of Agenda – Approved

3) Approval of Minutes – No minutes to approve

4) Treasurer’s report – No report given

5) City Council Report – No report given

6) Tangletown Newsletter – Discussion lead by Georgia Stephens
a. Coordinator position for 4th of July events needs to be filled and reported in the next newsletter due out the end of March
i. Job entails oversight of committee members
ii. Assigns jobs to committee members/volunteers
iii. A job list has been developed

b. Additional volunteers for to help with the newsletter and to contribute to articles are welcome
i. Need an article on the survey and current activities of the NRP

c. Looking for a new printer of the newsletter
i. Would prefer to have someone local
ii. Kinko’s is possible but not first choice
iii. Brooklyn Printing was recommended but it is outside the neighborhood
iv. Triangle Printing is still available

d. Currently two newsletters are published each year. Does adding a third (winter) edition make sense? No decision was reached.

e. Funding for the newsletter is provided by:
i. Citizen Participation Grant of $2,500
ii. NRP money

7) Report from Crime Meeting
a. Meeting held in the 49th/Stephens Blocks
b. Approximately 30 neighbors, TNA board members, Minneapolis City Police, and Minneapolis City Councilman attended the meeting
c. Importance of having block coordinators discussed
d. Dogs and security systems act as deterrents
e. City has 311 non emergency number
f. Several suspects have been apprehended

8) Open Matters – Board Members
a. 4th of July
i. Planning meeting scheduled for April 10th at the 46th/Nicollet Caribou Coffee at 7pm. Announcement will be published in the March newsletter.
ii. Catalina Chadbourn offered to coordinate this meeting with the hope that at Coordinator will volunteer
iii. List of jobs and sign-up form will be published in the newsletter
iv. Sign-up forms will be returned to the Coordinator

b. Tangletown Garage Sale
i. Scheduled for May 5th and 6th
ii. Catalina Chadbourn, Lynell Voigt and Steve Edwards volunteered to be co-coordinators
iii. 70-100 homes traditionally participate in annual event

iv. Sign-up fee of $10 includes:
1. Advertising in the Star Tribune and Southwest Journal
2. Publication and distribution of maps listing participating homes
3. Checks and sign-up forms are to be sent to Supat

v. Cut-off date for sign-up will be April 15th

c. Resolution regarding access to the Tangletown NRP bank account has not been resolved
i. Steve Edwards will take the matter to the City of Minneapolis NRP coordinator to facilitate resolution

d. Phase II NRP Committee
i. Chairman needs to be identified
ii. Committee members need to be recruited from the neighborhood
iii. Work on NRP matters cannot proceed until a chair is found and a committee is convened

iv. Matters taken up by the NRP include:
1. Crime Task Force
2. Public Landscape – Dutch Elm tree removal
3. Housing First
4. Airport noise
5. Traffic control/flow

e. Tangletown Board Members attendance
i. Attendance has become problematic
ii. Board effectiveness has been challenged with attendance insufficient to achieve a quorum
iii. Steve Edwards will contact current board members to assess interest in maintaining active roles on the TNA

9) Open Matters – Members of Tangletown
a. No discussion

10) Upcoming Events
a. Bus Rapid Transit meeting at MLK Park 7:00 pm February 27th

11) Meeting Adjournment – 8:20 pm

Catalina Chadbourn, Andrew Hedden, Doug Jondle, Steve Edwards, Norman Foster, Supat Tipayamongkol, Lynell Voigt