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Equity Resources

Each month, members of our Equity Committee and our extended Tangletown community share resources they've found helpful as they look to expand their understanding of racial justice and equity.  If you're interested in submitting a suggestion to be featured, please email info@tangletown.org.  Sign up for our monthly email newsletter to receive these suggestions on a monthly basis.

Examining the hidden costs of racism

This month’s Equity Resource is a book recommendation from former Tangletown Neighborhood Association board member and Equity Committee co-chair, Juliana. […]


The Rise of Book Bans

November’s equity resource comes from the Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s Equity Committee co-chair, Dirk Nicholson: “For November, we are back in […]


Mary Ann Key Book Club

We have another great Equity Resource to share with you this month from Tangletown’s Equity Committee member Ian. The Hennepin […]


Such a Fun Age

September’s Equity Resource recommendation comes from Tangletown resident and Equity Committee member Juliana: ‘Kiley Reid’s “Such a Fun Age” is […]

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Rethinking Land Acknowledgments

This month’s equity resource is recommended by Tangletown Equity Committee member Ellen Block as food for thought before our Beyond […]


The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” December’s Equity Resource is recommended by Tangletown Neighborhood Association Equity Committee member Ellen […]

Not My Idea

A book about whiteness. November’s equity resource comes recommended to us by Nicole (Ole) Rapson, Math teacher at Washburn High […]

Equity Vs Equality

This month’s Equity Resource is a short video with an important message recommended by Equity Committee member Mel Ferris. “Looking […]

Are Prisons Obsolete?

For August’s Equity Resource, Maggie Rittenhouse, Tangletown resident, recommends the book “Are Prisons Obsolete?” by Angela Davis as an incredible […]

Are We Doing Vacations Wrong?

Radicalize your travel by being a better guest in someone else’s homeland. June’s equity resource comes recommended to us by Andy […]

The Racial Wealth Gap

For this month’s resource, Washburn teacher and Equity Team lead Luis Saenz recommends “The Racial Wealth Gap” from the organization […]

Centering Indigenous Voices

For April’s Equity Resource, Deb White Soulen, Tangletown resident, suggested we listen to our Indigenous neighbors/community, who are often forgotten in […]

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The Great Climate Migration

For this month’s equity resource, Equity Committee member Ellen Block recommends the article “The Great Climate Migration” by Abrahm Lustgarten. […]