Organization Contact Information:

(612) 564-3445

P.O. Box 19347
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

Staff Contact Information:

Andrea Siegel, Executive Director (interim)


Board Contact Information

You may email and your email will be received by all current elected board members. Please be aware that all board members are volunteers, if you’re able to address your concern to our general and staff contact above, that is preferred.

Grievance Procedure

If you have a complaint against the Tangletown Neighborhood Association, you can view our Grievance Policy here. A grievance is initiated by submitting written notice of the grievance to the Executive Director at or by calling 612-564-3445.

The grievance must identify all of the following:

  1. The full name, complete home address, phone number, and member status as of the date of filing for each named Grievant, along with their signature.
  2. A description of the actions that are the subject of the complaint and the specific rule, regulation, policy, or principle which directly relates to the Organization’s process that is alleged to have been violated. 
  3. The date the actions occurred or commenced, and, if known, the full names and addresses of the persons or organizations responsible for the actions as well as their neighborhood member status or role in the neighborhood’s process.
  4. All supporting documentation substantiating the complaint.
  5. Any proposed solution or suggested change.

Grievants who submit a grievance as outlined above agree to follow the procedures set out in this policy and to accept the decision of the Board as final.

The Board of Directors (or its designated committee) will address the grievance either with written correspondence to the Grievant regarding the outcome or with board action at a meeting held within 90 days of receipt of the grievance.