Board Minutes Annual Meeting May 2021

Monday, May 17th, 2021 – 7:00 p.m., via Zoom

Board members present: Carl Arrell, Kellie Hanson, Brian McDonald, Dan Williams, Alyssa Thull, Brenda Anderson,  Dan Treinen, Dick Fiala, Heather Grovum, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud

Board members absent: Pat Collins, Joan Staveley

Also present: Casey Carl (City Clerk), Jeremy Schroeder (Ward 11 Minneapolis City Councilmember), 15 community members, Emily Koski (Council candidate)

Called to order: 7:01

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Carl moved to approve the April minutes. Dirk seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.


This month is TNA’s Annual Meeting. The board members introduced themselves.

Casey Carl, City Clerk

Casey gave an overview of potential ballot questions for the 2021 municipal elections on Tuesday, November 2nd. All questions are related to proposed amendments of the city charter, which functions like the city’s constitution and focuses on addressing the powers of the city government, the operating structure, and the processes by which official acts and decisions are made and put into force. The charter may be amended by referral to the electorate through ballot questions or by ordinance with full approval by the city council and mayor. The charter commission holds the charter in trust for the city of Minneapolis, and consists of 15 members who must be residents of the City and eligible voters.

Question 1 (Government Structure Reform) would change the City to an executive mayor and legislative council form of government. The mayor would oversee operating departments while the council would be the legislative body overseeing clerk, auditor, boards & commissions. There would be no change to the Parks Board or Board ofEestimate and Taxation. The current executive committee would be eliminated.

Question 2 (Rent Stabilization) asks whether to give the council the power to control rent in the City per Minnesota statute.

Question 3 (Public Safety Department, initiated by the Council) proposes a new Public Safety Department under a Commissioner of Public Safety, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council which must include law enforcement. This would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department as a standalone entity.

Question 4 (Public Safety Department, initiated by citizen petition) proposes a new Public Safety Department under a Commissioner of Public Safety, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council which may include law enforcement at the discretion of the mayor and council. This would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department as a standalone entity.

Early voting begins Friday Sept 17 8:00am and sample ballots for each precinct will be available on that date.

Council Candidate Introductions

Emily Koski is a life-long resident of Minneapolis and lives in the Page neighborhood. Her two kids attend Minneapolis schools. She previously served on the Waite Park Community Council when she lived in northeast Minneapolis and joined the Hale council when she moved. She works for Antenna (a marketing consulting/staffing firm) and has worked for Target in the past. Her father was a mayor of Minneapolis and on Council. Her priorities are safety, creating/maintaining affordable housing, and supporting city businesses.

Jeremy Schroeder: Jeremy is Ward 11’s current council member. He worked in community advocacy for 20 years as a lawyer and non-profit leader. He focused on outcomes and is proud of the results he’s been able to deliver for Ward 11. He pushed city to meet challenges on public safety, affordable housing, and the environment. He stands by his decision to commit to transformative change to public safety and supported adding more mental health responders and additional infrastructure for handling non-emergency calls. He supports the Department of Public Safety charter amendments. He thinks we need to preserve the affordable housing we have and create more, but also give landlords tools they need to keep housing affordable. He supports inclusionary zoning (which mandates that affordable units be part of any new development) and led sustainable building policy and carbon cost accounting efforts for the city council.

Committee Accomplishments

Equity: Equity is a newly created committee for 2021. The committee donated $15,000 to the West Broadway Business Coalition to help with the effects of 2020 George Floyd protests. The committee writes a monthly equity feature in TNA e-newsletters, hosted the Mapping Prejudice presentation and Community Book Read, created TNA’s affordable housing resolution and equity considerations, and advocated for EPNI’s Urban Farm project. The committee will work on exploring new partnerships and educational opportunities and continue advocating for the EPNI Urban Farm project.

Livability & Engagement: The committee organized the 2020 Fourth of July scavenger hunt/decorations, Tangletown-on-a-Stick, Winterfest restaurant promotion, Tangletown Welcome Bags, two food drives and the Winter coat drive. Upcoming plans include better reaching out to under-represented residents and the Fourth of July celebration. The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Environmental: The committee hosted a textile reduce/reuse event series funded by $10,000 Hennepin County grant, and provided $3,500 in rebates for $30,000 worth of energy improvements in the neighborhood. The committee also helped install 13 raingardens/bioswales supported by a $7,000 Hennepin County grant, and hosted the Resilient Yards training and Self Guided Tour. 20 neighborhood residents also pledged to take sustainable actions on Earth Day.

Upcoming events include Spring Spruce-Up, Resilient Landscape virtual workshop (June 3 at 7pm), Textile Reduce and Reuse Fair (August 14th, 10-1 at Fuller Park), storm drain adoption incentives, and home energy rebates. The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

Building, Land Use & Housing: The committee organized the Autumn Alley Cleanup, Spring Spruce-up (May 22-23), and landscaping volunteers at Washburn water tower. New plans/direction include a new Washburn water tower historical marker, a home security rebate program, Tangletown land use history, and equitable development scorecard for new development projects. The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian presented a snapshot of 2020. Because of few in-person events in 2020 TNA income far exceeded expenses. Year-to-date TNA received $550 of event income but will have $21,000 in reimbursements from City soon. Brian said TNA is on-budget overall.

Board Elections

Pre-submitted candidates: Dirk Nicholson (incumbent), Misha Bartlett

Floor nominated candidates: Lauren Kramer

All candidates elected to the board via Zoom poll.

Volunteer Opportunities

Water tower landscaping looking for help.

Adjourned: 8:37pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary