Board Meeting Minutes March 2022

3-21-22 Tangletown Board of Directors Meeting on Zoom

In attendance: Lauren Kramer, Emily Koski, Scott Massey, Jon DeJong, Lori Gubrud, Kadeer Omar, Sally Bauer, Dirk Nicholson, Dan Treinen, Kellie Hanson, Kyle Goldschmidt, Will Young, Pat Collins, Heather Grovum

7:05 Officer Reports: 

No updates from the Secretary. Dirk moves to approve meeting minutes, Lori seconds, all in favor, motion passes. 

Treasurer will review P&L statement later in the meeting. 

Emily Koski – City Council Update- 

 MPD/MPF Tentative Agreement

First up, the labor contract between the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department/Minneapolis Police Federation.

The City of Minneapolis’s Labor Relations Director is bringing a Tentative Agreement reached between the Minneapolis Police Department and the City of Minneapolis, forward to the Policy & Government Oversight Committee to take a vote on recommendation and to forward to the City Council, and then this item will be brought to the full City Council for vote.

This item was originally on the agenda for the Policy & Government Oversight Committee for March 7th, 2022, but has been moved to the agenda for the Committee’s Meeting tomorrow, March 22nd, 2022. This decision was made in order to allow more time for the community, as well as the Council Members, to review the Tentative Agreement, and for the Policy & Government Oversight Committee Leadership to create more transparency regarding both the Tentative Agreement as well as the process overall.

After the presentation, the Policy & Government Oversight Committee will vote to approve or not approve the Tentative Agreement and/or vote to forward the Tentative Agreement to the City Council. The Tentative Agreement does not become an Official Act until it is adopted by the City Council and approved and signed by the Mayor.

The Tentative Agreement is publicly available on the City’s Legislative Information Management System website. Please reach out to me, or my office, directly if you have any additional questions.

After-Action Review: COW Presentation

Next up, the After-Action Review.

Last year, the City of Minneapolis contracted an After-Action Review on the 10 days following the murder of George Floyd, with reference to the civil unrest that occurred, and the City of Minneapolis’s response.

An After-Action Review is a comprehensive 3rd party analysis of the events outlined in the scope, that covers what went right, what went wrong, what can be learned, and where we can improve.

The firm that conducted the After-Action Review presented at the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, March 8th– this meeting is available for viewing via the City’s YouTube Channel.

Their analysis focuses on the City’s actions immediately following Floyd’s murder from May 25 to June 3, 2020.

The report found the City did not properly use the City’s Emergency Operations Plan to effectively guide the response to the unrest or capitalize on training from other recent large-scale events to establish a framework for a crisis response. The review also includes 27 recommendations for the City to consider.

Please reach out to me, or my office, directly if you have any additional questions.

MSP 59/ESP 59 Resolution

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT 59) and Education Support Professionals (ESP 59) are going into their third week on strike – fighting for higher wages, affordable healthcare, mental health support, better recruitment and retention of educators of color, and better class sizes.

Every day these past two weeks, my kids, the Ward 11 Staff, and I joined the picket lines at our schools here in Ward 11 to stand with our teachers, students, parents, and community members!

As a parent of Minneapolis students at Justice Page Middle School and Field Elementary School, I have seen firsthand the strength and dedication of our educators. But it doesn’t take being a parent of Minneapolis students to see how hard our teachers work – and how deserving they are of a fair contract.

This past City Council cycle, I voted in support of the Resolution for Minneapolis Educational Support Professionals, and I will continue to support and show up for our educators in their fight for a fair contract.

I know this is a challenging time for many of our families. And, I’ll have Melissa share resources for students and families that are available during the strike in the chat. Please share this information with anyone you know who needs support during this time.

Council Member Jason Chavez’s motion to rescind Council Action 2021A-0817 related to the Hiawatha Maintenance Facility Campus Expansion

I voted in support of Council Member Jason Chavez’s motion to rescind Council Action 2021A-0817 related to the Hiawatha Maintenance Facility Campus Expansion. In making this decision, I visited the site, heard from many constituents, attended community meetings, and on multiple occasions met with Council Members, Public Works, and community-stakeholders. While the motion was vetoed by the Mayor, it will return to the City Council for override and/or amendments and is not a failed motion. It is my hope that moving forward our partners here at the City will come to the table, work with the East Phillips community – and support and collaborate with one of our most diverse neighborhoods here in the City of Minneapolis

3 Amendments to the 2022 Legislative Agenda and Policy Positions:

Lastly, I brought forward three amendments to our 2022 Legislative Agenda and Policy Positions with co-author, Council Member Elliott Payne. These amendments to our Legislative Agenda we will make it clear that the City of Minneapolis supports necessary changes to state law – including changes that will allow better access to police officer records, changes that will allow for the release of body camera data when there is an active investigation, and changes that will further state restrictions on the use of No-Knock Warrants.

It’s important to note, that by adding these amendments to our Legislative Agenda, we are in no way shape or form saying that this is the only work that needs to be done to create change in the City of Minneapolis. There is still work that needs to be done – both to improve accountability and transform public safety. However, as the City of Minneapolis is confined by state statute, these changes would allow for us to further the scope and the impact, of the changes we make here.

City Updates:

Mayor Frey Announced New Warrant and Entry Policy Proposal

Mayor Jacob Frey joined City leadership and external experts at a press conference to announce his new standards for the Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) warrant and entry policy.

The proposed policy makes significant changes and restrictions for both the application for and execution of search warrants, while adding additional layers of accountability to the review process following issuance of a search warrant.

Mayor Jacob Frey Convenes Community Stakeholders for Police Chief Search Committee

Mayor Jacob Frey has formed a search committee to work with Public Sector Search & Consulting Inc. (PSSC), the executive search firm brought on by the City, to lead the Chief of Police search process.

The search committee is made up of diverse community members to help with front-end processes, interview candidates vetted by PSSC, and recommend candidates to Mayor Frey for final consideration. City staff will also support the search committee’s work.

The mayor’s office is also working with the Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) to ensure youth voices are part of the search committee. The list will be updated when and if confidentiality concerns are addressed.

Civil Rights Director Alberder Gillespie along with the mayor’s Chief of Staff Mychal Vlatkovich and Principal Policy Aide Jared Jeffries will support the committee.

Mayor Frey’s Government Structure Work Group outlines options for implementing City’s new Executive Mayor-Legislative Council form of government

Mayor Jacob Frey’s Government Structure Work Group outlined recommendations for implementing the City’s new Executive Mayor-Legislative Council system of government March 4.

Mayor Frey plans to present his choice of the recommended options for a new organizational structure to the City Council tomorrow at our Committee of the Whole meeting.

ED report, Sally will be leaving her position as the executive director this June. Backfill Sally until we have another candidate. Andrea Seigle is interested in joining in the interim director position. If the board decides to hire her, she would stay on through the intermediary period of the potential merger with the other neighborhood associations. She would be able to start in June, with the understanding that Sally would be able to consult and train past her departure. 

The recommendation is that this is a contract position as we do not know how long we will need an executive director. 

Dirk makes a motion to approve an interim director, Lori seconds. All in favor. Motion passes.

Dirk makes a motion to recruit Andrea Siegel with Sally and Jon will negotiate in good faith. Pat seconds, All in favor, motion passes.  

Appoint new board member Kadeer Omar and remove Natty Wise (has not attended a meeting or responded to emails since August)

Heather moves to remove Natty from the board, Dirk seconds, All in favor, motion passes.

Kadeer Omar is interested in joining the board. Dirk moves to approve Kadeer to the board, Lori seconds, all in favor, motion passes. 

Online vs in Person meetings (Jon)

Poll results: 8 in favor of in person, 2 in favor of online and 6 people were in favor of some online option being available.  Someone also asked if we could require vaccination.

Decided to keep April and May meetings online, poll again for comfort level with new board.  

Annual Meeting Planning and Board Recruitment (Jon)

  • Annual meeting-Agenda? Do we want to do a giveaway for people who attend? Time allotment for those invited to speak. Do we want someone from public works to come and present on the Nicolet Bridge Project. Principals from Justice Page Middle School and Washburn High School.  Sally will create and send a poll to rank ideas for speakers.  Idea to have 30-40 minutes of meeting be speakers.
  • Heather moves to approve up to $400 for gift card purchases for incentives for attendance to the annual meeting, Kelly seconds the motion. All in favor, motion passes. 

Profit and Loss Statement Approval (Lori)

Heather moves to approve the P&L Statement. Scott seconds, all in favor, motion passeses. 

CPP Annual Report Approval (Sally)

Heather moves to approve the CPP report, Lori seconds, all in favor, motion passes. 

Merger Updates/Next Steps (Sally)

Neighborhood association merger conversation- who would like to be involved? We may need to communicate with the other neighborhoods to gauge how many participants are needed.  Sally will email to seek out board members who would like to serve.

Committee Updates (Chairs) 

Fundraising Task Force (Lauren)

Considering joining Give to the Max Day in the future as it was very successful and fundraising goals were met. Will evaluate based on merger situation.

Livability & Engagement/ Equity (Jon)

Equitable engagement plan had funding available to put forth programming toward outreach and engagement to gain feedback from residents about how to have more equitable Board Representation. Targeted door knocking is planned for the summer. There will be a digital feedback form that focuses on barriers to entry available for people to complete to gain information. Information gained will be used to create a plan to expand programming.

Environmental (Pat)

March 31st 7:00pm virtual event with Andrea Siegel – Organics Recycling Made Easy

April 21st 7:00pm virtual event –  Explore Solar Panel information event 

May 21st and 22nd – Spring Spruce Up 

May 21st 10-2 Plate to Compost Pick up 

Building Land Use & Housing (Dirk)

Did not meet over the past month. Compost pick up event partnering with the Environmental Committee. Signage for the Watertower is still on schedule.