August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association August 15th 2022

Full Park Update- No update from Fuller but fall registration is open for activities, primarily 16+

Council Member Koski –
· Mayor Budget Address- 2023 & 2024 (New, in the past, it was one year at a time)
o Main priority from Koski, think about the main city services as the bread and butter
o More meetings to come for community engagement, questions & feedback
· City Listening Sessions around Policing Strategy
o Next One – August 22nd @ 6pm – Folwell
o Break out into groups, talk about ideas around overall strategy
· Tuesday – August 23rd- Next Listening Session
o Open House, Nicollet Ave Bridge
o Washburn Library – 4:30- 6pm
o 5244 Lyndale Ave S
· Working with Trellis – supports senior linkage line
o Pilot – get engagement around what it is
o What is it?
§ Service to seniors that need a ride, need shoveling help, etc.
o Needs help putting kiosks out
· Last Week- Over at the terrace- connected with renters
· Tomorrow Night- Night 2 of Three Public Service Nights
o 7pm Pearl Park
o Dr. Alexander
o Community Safety
· New process rolling out for requests that is more equitable
o 1,000 of requests per year but this will allow for more documentation and transparency in the system
o November 1st Deadline – This year

Committee Updates
Livability – No Updates- meeting was skipped

o Decided upon Water Tower & Fuller Park for Community Sites
§ Partnering with other neighborhoods or landscapers?
o Discussion on trying to utilize rebate money that was previously earmarked for insulation and solar projects in homes
o Clothing Swap – August 27th – 10am-1pm @ St. John’s
§ Looking for volunteers

o Discussing/Listening – TOPA Purchase Act
§ Policy gives tenants the right to purchase building when it goes up for sale
§ Providing leverage
§ If you own a building and you intend to sell it, you will give your tenant notice in advance. This would give them time to secure funding, grant programs, investor help to be able to purchase it.
§ Gives them the ability to stay in home, community, neighborhood, etc.
§ Dirk- to put together truncated reading lists, including examples, etc.
· DC has had this since 1980
· Andrea will include in board packet list
§ Committee has decided that they support, need rubber stamp seal of approval on supporting this issue
o Working on developing online event around programming w/ Lauren Kramer
· Building Land Use & Housing
o Presentation last week from Julia Hobert, Powderhorn neighborhood assoc. administering rental assistance program, pilot program to approve cost burden renters
§ Anyone spending 30% or more on rental assistance
§ Partnered with city/county wide programs
§ City discontinued program
§ Looking for open ended support
o Justice Page on Solar Project
o Looking into history of Lyndale Mill
o Looking for advice on autumn alley cleanup- maybe October 8th?
§ Dumpsters have been hard to secure
§ Should we look at not having it at the school?
§ Heather/Andrea connect offline
§ Andrea is circling back with committee as different dumpsters take different things – Mixed Load Dumpster?
§ Up suggested donation – cost of dumpsters has gone up

Merger Task Force
o Met with Roger Myer- Mighty Consulting
o Next Steps
§ More information on financial structure for each neighborhood association
§ More information on organizational structure of each

ED Report
· Legacy grant final report submitted
o Submitted – Water Tower Sign – Much more hands off
o Good questions around legacy – what the purpose is, how will it live on, etc.
o Purpose – mark place, give people a sense of place and tell that history
· Grant Project Management
o Working on demonstration neighborhood grant and neighborhood collaboration grant
o Managing city contracts
o Creating financial picture of organizations and organizational strategy
· Equitable Engagement – Survey Update
o Survey is going strong
o 248 submissions
o A lot of feedback around safety being number one concern
o People enjoy the engagement events, 4th of July and winter events
o Renter submissions have ticked up but still mostly homeowners
· Print Newsletter Content, deadline August 21st
o Hoping to have submitted this week