August 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members In attendance, Dan Treinen, Ben Levy, Dirk Nicholson, Jon Dejong, Lauren Kramer, Lori Gubrud, Nathaniel, Pat Collins, Scott Massey, Sally Bauer, Heather Grovum

Board members absent, Mischa Bartlett

Call to order 7:01

Others in attendance. 

Financial Report

Jeremy Schroeder- Funding to createnew climate action plan. $100,000 has been   Funding for Green Business cost share. Building back better and building back sustainably. Public safety update. There are five recruit classes scheduled to start between November and December. 

Sally’s question to council member, with the budget changing and our organization losing 10k what can we do to argue for maintaining our current level of funding? Jeremy states that we will have to argue what extra value we you are going to bring to make your case for increasing that budget? Suggested that when NCR makes their budget proposal is when we should advocate.

Liz Vandam – Introduced Legacy Grant for Podium Marker for the Oakland Apartment Building. The marker would have 300 words or less and a QR code that will provide information about the history of the building and the architect. She provided history of the architect Harry Wild Jones who designed several of the houses in Tangletown and an apartment building in downtown Minneapolis. This building was in danger of being demolished and has since been deemed a historical building. She is asking that the board provide donation match funds. There is a deadline of October 8th 2021. As individual citizens cannot apply for Legacy funds she is asking that we as a board apply for the grant to be able to complete the application with her as the project manager. 

Scott moved to partner with Liz Vandam to apply for the Legacy Grant with the TNA board as applicant. Dirk seconded. 4 in favor 7 opposed. Motion fails. 

Equitable engagement plan. Sally updated. We met last week with our city specialist as to how to differentiate our outreach across the three categories. BIPOC residents, Rental Households, Low income households under 50k. What is going to work for our budget and what is going to work with our plan? Feedback was that she is happy with the work that we have done so far. Aryca stated that she would go back to her team to help brainstorm how to engage with BIPOC within our engagement strategies as there are not concentrated areas of BIPOC neighbors. Pop up tabling for our Rental households. We are looking toward finding solutions to utilizing Ambassadors for each of these groups. Link for the plan draft for further education. Timeline for events to start (door knocking and tabling) next spring. Deadline to submit to the city is September 1st. Board feedback is appreciated. 

Livability and Engagement

Meeting did not happen due to National Night Out. Mixed results for participation in block parties. 


The Textile Swap yielded 324 pounds of clothing. Most was taken. It was well attended. Green Partners Grant for a low waste lifestyle is the focus for next month. Most likely events will be virtual. We will start having an email blast that will concern environmental events as a way to expand exposure. 


Biggest thing was meeting with Jeremy Shroeder about the vote on the East Philips neighborhood Association. He is in favor of the project. 

Building Land Use and Housing

Legacy Grant was received and approved. Still waiting on approval from the city.  Waiting to hear back from the manufacturer about the purchase and installation. 

ED update

Charter commission amendment, Ward 11 group, park board have all asked for funds. District 6 asked for up to $75 per participating organization. They are planning to meet at Mount Olivet Church and will plan to stream the event via zoom. Pending Covid precautions. 

Ward 11 city council candidate forum will meet September 15th and will stream live from the League of Women Voters social media page. 

Voter education efforts surrounding the charter amendments are doing more comprehensive work that will link to information that will be non partisan.

One page two sided flyer that will provide information about the charter amendments. It will link to our website that will provide information about forums that we will host to provide education about 

All southwest neighborhoods have been invited to participate in the forums. This is an opportunity to volunteer and to provide engagement within the neighborhood via tabling. 

Volunteer opportunity to write content for the newsletter. Submissions should be in by August 26th. 

List of requirements from the Neighborhood Network Fund that will need to be approved by the board. 

American with disability act policy plan and policy.

Board member list (including contact information).

Budget including all income sources and expenses. 


Conflict of Interest Policy.

Directors and Officers insurance.

Board of member manual.

Diversity action plan.

Equal opportunity and affirmative action plan .

Personal policy (employee handbook); including job descriptions. 

Financial policy and procedures.

General liability insurance listing the City as an additional insured ($2 million per occurrence/$2 million aggregate)

Grievance procedure.

Operation manual.

Language access policy. 

Whistle blower policy. 

Workers compensation insurance. 

Strategic Planning – Hesitant as there is a plan for engagement. Is this plan a year away from getting started or do we need to start some format for strategic planning and mission statement restructure? Timeline will most likely be next fall for the completion of the strategic plan. 

Adjourn at 8:30pm.