August 2020 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, August 17, 2020 – 7:00 p.m., via Zoom

Board members present: Alyssa Thull, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud, Brian McDonald, Carl Arrell,  Dirk Nicholson,  Kellie Hanson, Dick Fiala, Dan Treinen, Pat Collins, Heather Grovum, Joan Staveley

Board members absent: Bernadette Tomko, Brenda Anderson, Dan Williams

Also present: Councilmember Jeremy Schreoder, Sally Bauer 

Called to order: 7:00pm

Approval of July Board Minutes: Approved

Councilmember Schroeder


The budget has not been approved. Significant shortfall and hoping not an immediate impact to neighborhoods. Should be approved late Sept/Oct. City Charter requires max levy rate (tax) at a high of 5%. Frey used a lot of reserves for the last budget so not long term changes.


Jeremy & other city council member put together a proposal calling for the state to divest from fossil fuels.


One encampment at Nokomis and along the creek. New strategy is to limit to 20. Park Board staff is overwhelmed as they have been focused on crime areas. The city is working on 3 new shelters. The focus would be families and single women. Should be up and running in the next couple of months. They are working on the single room occupancy ordinance and getting this back in Mpls. 

Questions from the Board

  • Kellie asked with the hiring freeze in place what will be done to replace the 100 officers that are retiring/resigning? With shootings and crime increasing, what is being done?
    • Jeremy was a part of the recommended charter change where the police force would have the same oversight as other city groups. No current strategy. Assumption is always that more officers are needed to reduce crime…not necessarily correct. City Council is reviewing data and are concerned with how to maintain service levels. Question is how are we going to keep people safe. City Council wants to change charter to be more prescriptive and more strategic and specific with training.
  • Heather asked about the Coordinated Entry process (proof of sleeping outside) for the homeless shelters.
    • Jeremy agreed the process needs to work better.

Neighborhoods 2020 Update

Sally shared Nokomis and other neighborhoods have joined and are submitting a letter asking for $7.1M. Do we want to join on to this letter or stay separate?

Conversation ensued…..Agreed we need to fight for our neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are at the core of change and can be more impactful.

  • J.DeJong agreed to take a shot at editing letter for Sally.
  • Sally to reach out to other neighborhoods to understand deadline and to ask if open to edits.
  • Will review at September Board meeting

Neighborhood Feedback

Next topic was if we engage the neighborhood on this and solicit feedback. Had received 2 negative comments the first go round.

  • Agreed, yes, we need to share with neighborhood.
  • Keep the reply generic and remove reference to funds.

Committee Updates

Equity Task Force

  • Trying to hit newsletter deadline
  • Developing mission/vision statement. We will be able to rate/measure  our work against this
  • Were being aggressive with fundraising campaign. Have slowed to align with organizations and be able to develop long term relationships.
  • Identified that the $10k matching would come out of the spaces fund for the banner project.
  • The education team provided a long list of books, podcasts, etc and will release over the next couple of weeks. 
  • The task force is looking to do a virtual presentation for the mapping prejudice project. Also looking to see if the filmmakers would do a presentation. 
  • The Board approved $500 to be used, if needed for this presentation.


  • Water Tower Signage
    • Developing own design – the company is more expensive but the cost includes installation, etc. Approx $1500. Will receive final number.
    • Board approved to increase the previous amount allocated up to $1500
  • 2nd annual alley/fall cleanup
    • Will be same as last year
    • October
    • Organics & non-organics collection (Not hazardous)


  • Continuing with virtual activities
  • State Fair theme is “TG on a stick”. 6 categories & $150 in prizes.
    • Prize will be submission based – no judging
  • Welcome bags are to continue
    • Trying to get some value in the bag
    • Board approved up to $700 for new bags
  • National Night Out is 9/15
    • Skipping presence this year
    • Will publish recommendations on how to safely hold the event


  • Did not meet this month
  • Planning textile event
  • Promoting “Litter be Gone” city wide event. Will be individual participation 
  • Rain Gardens project is complete
  • 9/17 – Water Quality Event
  • 9/20 – Rain Garden Walk 1-3pm

Executive Director Update

  • Fall newsletter print deadline is 9/3
  • Will need volunteers for alley clean up event
  • SWBH (Southwest Business Association)
    • Businesses have been experiencing more crime
      • Survey to customer re: crime
    • Grand Avenue – approve resolution
      • Can we get the survey? 
      • Add to next Board meeting agenda if possible. If timeline too tight will just leave
  • ED Report – Sally had asked for feedback on value and whether to continue. Board agreed she does not need to spend time on it


Minutes submitted by Lori Gubrud, Board Member