August 2012


Monday, August 20, 2012 7:00 p.m.,Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President, Steve Bieringer – Vice President, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Doug Conway, Birdie Cunningham, Jane Elias, Jeff Gears, Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Lynell Voigt

Also present: Don Hall – resident with memorial plaque proposal, Matt Perry – NEHBA President, Amanda Vallone – previous TNA Coordinator

  1. Call to Order 7:09
  2. CPP annual report – Ryan reported that we have $6,000 in NRP funds rolled over into the current 18 month funding cycle. The CPP annual report is two months late and will be submitted to Lance Knuckles once the board approves it. Ryan had sent the report to board members to review. Mary Jane suggested changing the wording in the report from “2011” to “this funding cycle.” Steve made a motion to approve the report with Mary Janes’s suggested changes. The motion passed unanimously. Ryan will forward it to Lance Knuckles for review.
  3. Amanda Vallone, the previous TNA Coordinator, handed over the TNA handbook to the secretary. Amanda compiled the handbook that includes the 4th of July event timeline, the last newsletter, budgets and approved grants, recent meeting minutes. She recommended a new binder be created for each year. She also noted that she will hand over a zip drive with e-files to the treasurer. Ryan commented that the handbook will be helpful in defining the coordinator role. Mary Jane suggested that the NRP committee could meet to discuss the role.
  4. Neighborhood Survey – Ryan stated that we should complete this survey to determine initiatives for the next two to three years. The last survey was done six years ago. The suggestion was made to form a Survey Committee. There was a call for volunteers for this committee and the following members offered to be on the committee: Carolyn, Lynell (who tabulated the last survey which was done via U.S. Mail), Birdie, Steve and Ryan.
  5. Newsletter – Tjody had recommended to Ryan that we initiate another newsletter soon. She will help in an unpaid capacity. Carolyn offered to send out an email to the communications committee to plan the newsletter. Articles were assigned to various board members with a September 17th due date to be delivered to Tjody to meet a 10/1 publish date.
  6. Secretary’s Report – the July meeting minutes were approved without change.
  7. Treasurer’s Report – Sandra reported that the CPP reimbursement request for $31,011 was approved. Outstanding invoices were submitted to Lance Knuckles. The current financials show $6,009.16 NRP rollover funds, $23,942.99 outstanding invoices of which $5,000 was previously received and $18,942.99 that we will receive once Lance approves. Sandra submitted the budget with an amendment to include the rollover funds. A spreadsheet was distributed to the board that shows the NPP CPP contracts. The spreadsheet will serve as a starting point for Lance so that we can work with him to balance with what the city shows. Sandra plans to have the accounts balanced by next board meeting. The TNA account stands at $8,433.33 and the NCR account holds $1,962.54. The NRP account will be closed. It currently has a balance of $17.64. Ryan noted that we spent a lot in June and July and we are just now starting to get reimbursements for projects including the mural project. Ryan noted that we would like to see the NCR improve the reimbursement process. Sandra is keeping electronic copies of all of our receipts.
  8. NUSA – Ryan stated that the next steps include linking up with NCR and partnering with other neighborhoods especially in regard to the bus tours. Ryan will reach out to Lance for more information and direction.
  9. Arts Committee – Jane reminded the board of the mural unveiling at Simply Jane Open Artist Studio on Sunday, August 26 from 4pm to 6pm. The potential mural at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital appears to be cancelled due to insurance issues. We are looking at an exterior pressed board mural on the Tangletown Bike Shop building and the building directly across the street.
  10. Communication’s Committee – Ryan will talk to Tjody about possibly putting together the monthly E-News.
  11. NRP Committee – there have not been any recent meetings. The survey is no longer assigned to this committee. The facade improvement grant application from Salt Cave is approved by the board even though the work is already finished because they started the application request process back in April. Cupcake Carmel, formerly Sweets Bakery, has been approved for a grant. Mary Jane will follow up with Salt Cave to complete the formal application for our files.
  12. Sustainability committee – Mary Jane stated that the committee will meet on or before September 7th.
  13. Wellness Committee – Doug will send out an email to set up the first meeting.
  14. Don Hall noted that a task force met and will proceed on two fronts 1) Plaque – Tjody is working on a full presentation for the next meeting and also an article for the next newsletter 2) Fuller Park history book or pamphlet – this willl be compiled with the help of our local historian, Tom Balcom. Mary Jane offered to contact the Southwest Patch and the Southwest journal about hosting an article.
  15. Fuller Park Update – Carole was not present but Ryan conveyed her message to board members to take note of the completed construction in the Fuller Park building that was funded by the TNA board.
  16. Adjournment 8:35pm

Next Meeting: Monday, September 17, 2012 at Fuller Park.