August 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting

Monday, August 16, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Fuller Park


Members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell – Vice-President, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Tjody DeVaal, Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher, Jeff Gears, April Heers, Lynell Voigt

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm.
  2. The July meeting minutes were approved.
  3. Mary Jane reviewed the CEE Home Energy Audit Program and reminded all Board members to attend the organizational meeting to be held August 24, 6:30 pm, at Mayflower Church (Diamond Lake and Stevens Ave. S.).  This meeting is aimed at leaders and block captains.   Ryan reported that we could not use the Minneapolis Police email list.  Jane suggested that we attempt the National Night out list.  The date of the workshop will be October 19 at 6:30 at Ramsey Elementary School.
  4. The group revisited the issue of hiring a part-time paid staff member.  Tom Balcom would like to step back from NRP coordination, and this person could fill that need.  The money is there to hire a person.  A subcommittee of Lynell, Carolyn, Ryan and Tony formed with the task of developing a job description and process.
  5. Mary Jane reported on the NRP Phase 2 projects.  A subcommittee of Tony, Ryan and Mary Jane met to consider uses of the NRP funds.  Among the ideas mentioned were bike racks, extending the rent-a-bike program to Tangletown, a consultant on composting, rain gardens, rain barrels, solar water heaters, and trees.  A subcommittee of Jeff, Tom, Ryan, April from the Board, and Karen Barton and Kristin Riggs (non-board members) was created to consider uses of the funds and report back to the full Board.
  6. Tjody discussed the Welcome Packet/Business Directory. It is at the printer, and she received preliminary cost information.  The Board suggested that from 3000-4000 directories be produced.  The group discussed lower cost alternatives to mailing the brochure; Tjody will check with the SW Journal to see if we might be able to distribute through their publication.
  7. Mary Jane opened the discussion of the Home Tour. Tjody moved that we skip the Home Tour this year if the two non-Board organizers did not object, and that we evaluate alternatives, such as a garden tour.  Mary Jane seconded.  Many noted the increasing difficulty in recruiting homes for the tour and our interest in pursuing other, related events.  Assuming that the organizers don’t object, Tjody will write an explanation in the newsletter.  The motion passed without dissent.
  8. Tjody reported on the newsletter and recommended a deadline of September 18 to ensure publicity for the CEE project.  This means that the newsletter will be delivered to the post office by October 1. The Board reviewed the stories to be included in the newsletter.
  9. Mary Jane reviewed the Strong Clean Energy petition and the Board decided to take no action on it because it was not directly relevant to the scope of the association.  Mary Jane said that she would filter such petitions in the future and bring forward only those that seemed directly relevant to the Board’s mission.
  10. Mary Jane reported that a letter had been sent to the Kingfield dog park organizers in support of a dog park in Southwest part of the city, which is underserved by such a facility.
  11. Mary Jane noted a recent variance request and said that she will only bring forward future variances that might be of concern the Board.
  12. Mary Davidson was absent so Mary Jane quickly gave a Treasurer’s report.  Bruce reminded the group that the idea of an independent audit was discussed last year.  The Board decided to revisit this idea after we recruited a staff person.
  13. The was no Fuller Park report because Carole was absent.
  14. Jane reported that Jim the mailman still would like a tennis court at Fuller Park.
  15. The meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.