August 2009

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting, Monday, August 17, 2009

7:00 P.M.

Fuller Park

Present: Steve Bieringer, Bruce Bruemmer (secretary), Chris Burns, Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson (treasurer),Woody Dixon, Dick Fiala, Ryan Fisher (president), Mary Jane Mitchell (vice president), Tony Proell, Tom Steichen, Lynell Voight.

1. The meeting was called to order by Fisher at 7:02.

2. The agenda was approved.

3. The July meeting minutes were approved.

4. Christopher Dixon, assistant city attorney at the 5th Precinct of Minneapolis introduced himself and explained the Minneapolis Community Attorney Program. He urged the association to feel free to contact him on livability issues.

5. Fisher noted the continued absence of Mark Haugen from the Board. Mary Davidson moved and the motion seconded and passed to notify him of his pending removal as provided in the bylaws.

6. Fisher presented an update on the NRP housing programs update from CEE. All monies have been assigned to housing projects consisting of 11 revolving loans.

7. Fisher updated the NRP Phase 2 update, specifically the water tower irrigation plan. There is $10,000 available to the project, and he expected to hear back by early September. The board will take up other issues at next meeting.

8. Cortright discussed the home tour and assignments. Only two houses are confirmed, and we need more to hold the home tour (scheduled on September 22). She was checking some prospects, but the board will need to pull the plug on the tour this year if we cannot increase the number of homes. The board discussed other inducements to participation in the tour, as well as holding the tour every other year.

9. Tjody deVaal, the TNA Editor, updated the board progress on the newsletter. She hoped to get the newsletter to the printer by Thursday. She described the content currently available. Fisher reported that he is getting information for the Web site.

10. Fisher reported on the July 4th event. Gross receipts amounted to about $2,900, a portion of which we would like to devote to the park. Carole Anderson discussed various options.

11. Davidson reported on getting the TNA books in order revisited. She reported over $6000 in the bank. The 4th of July event produced about $1200 in profits, and the garage sale did well ($360 profits). She expects to get the rest of the information from Jerry to fulfill accounting back to NRP I project.

12. The board discussed the need for TNA to open a debit card account. Bruemmer suggested that we inquire about limiting the amount per transaction. Fisher moved that we apply for a debit card. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

13. Sarah Larson reported on Creekside Commons, the new apartment building adjacent to Mayflower Church. They expect the construction will begin around October 1. There will be some work done on the water main under 54th Street, likely in September. This work is not expected to significantly disrupt traffic or water service. The water main work should take approximately one week. The construction of the building, once it starts will last approximately 10 months. On Sunday, September 20, Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation and Mayflower Church invites all neighborhood residents to a ceremony that will take place from 12:30-2:00, with remarks at 1:00, on the project site.

14. Carole Anderson reported on Fuller Park. The playground is getting repaired. There was a great turnout for a recent neighborhood event (Music in the park). Fall registration is now open..

15. Fisher adjourned the meeting at 8:03 and a picture was taken of the board for the newsletter.

Bruce Bruemmer, secretary