August 2008

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, August 18, 2008
Fuller Park

1. President Ryan Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

2. The agenda was approved.

3. The minutes of the July meeting were approved.

4. Molly Hanson and Samantha Loesch spoke to the board about their plans to create Kings Wine Bar Café at the northeast corner of 46th and Grand. This is actually in the Kingfield neighborhood, but Molly and Samantha wanted to keep us advised.

5. Dave Vogelgesang and his group spoke to the board about their plans to redevelop the property at 5422 and 5428 Nicollet Ave (present location of Aqua City). The plan is in the early development stages. The plan is to build a structure with space for three businesses and a restaurant on the main floor and five one-bedroom apartments or offices on the second floor. Anyone with an interest in leasing any of this space should contact the leasing agent, Roz Peterson, 952-469-9444.

6. John Quincy spoke to us on behalf of Vote Yes for Kids, an organization seeking a referendum raising $60 million for Minneapolis schools. More information is available at their website, .

7. The Tangletown Home Tour is scheduled for September 28. We are in need of two more houses for the tour. Anyone willing to open their home, please contact Board members, Meredith Johnson or Sarah Cortwright.

8. Tom Balcom gave an NRP update. We now need a committee to implement our plan. Volunteers are needed!! We will work with the Center for Energy and Environment to set up our loan plan primarily for housing.
Tom also has gotten a number of SLOW DOWN signs for our neighborhood. These are available at Fuller Park.
Tom also advised that Tangletown Gardens wants to spruce up the Nicollet Bridge. Also, they have a water truck that might be available to help keep the Water Tower plantings watered.

9. Norman Foster reviewed the content of the Fall Newsletter and asked that all copy be in by August 25.

10. The board discussed proposed revisions of our bylaws.

11. Jerry Doyle gave the treasurer’s report. The 4th of July party at Fuller Park netted over $1000.00.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Minutes of August 18, 2008 meeting, page two

12. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Mary Davidson