August 2004

Subject: TNA board meeting agenda

1. NRP PA and plan modification.
Approval of new members– Ed Wunsch and Peg Mountin
2. Officers reports- minutes, treasurer’s report, newsletter update
3. Frank Hornstien– airport and mass transit
4. old business
5. new business– Fall Festival, Home Tour
6. more bi-law information — Rus


Tangletown Neighborhood Association August 16, 2004

Board members in attendance: Roger Hegeman, Catalina Chadbourn, Lynell Voigt, Georgia Stephens, Samantha Kealey, Karen Larson, Sarah Kalweit

Meeting called to order 7:00

NRP Plan modification resolution Rus Thomas, Peg Mountin, Ed Wunsch, Perry Smaglik

1. Reallocate funds from Phase I Business strategy, Business Node Improvement Fund; to fund the Phase II Participation Agreement, not to exceed $36,000.

2. Reallocate funds from Phase I Business strategy, Lyndale Streetscape Implementation Fund; to Neighborhood Livability strategy, Plan Implementation Support, not to exceed $73,967.35. Total reallocation not to exceed: $109,967.35’’

3. Modifiy the language of Phase I Neighborhood Livability strategy Hire personnel and provide an administrative budget to complete the implementation of the Plan. Hire personnel and provide an administrative budget to complete the implementation of the Plan, and thereafter, to facilitate plan development of Phase II. Etc. (see document attached to hard copy on file with Treasurer.) NRP Plan Modification Resolution passes unanimously

Minutes: July meeting minutes approved unanimously.

Home Tour Update: Lynell reported that five homes will be included in this year’s tour and that volunteers are needed to serve as greeters at the homes. Each board member can expect a call.

Newsletter update: Karen reported that the Fall 2004 Tangletown News has been distributed. It includes publicity for the Home Tour on Sept. 19 and for the Fall Festival to be held on Oct. 2. Voluntary Dues form has been reinstated and NRP Phase II information is accompanied by a participation form residents/business owners can send in.

State Rep. Frank Hornstein: mass transit and airport update Rep. Hornstein plans to meet with Governor Pawlenty about the accountability of gubernatorial appointments to the public. He and Paul Thiesen (Lynnhurst) will reach out to people in suburbs to drum up support to put pressure on MAC appointees. September 7 meeting at Ramada Thunderbird, 4:30-7 open house, 7:00 hearing begins. Crosstown Re-design: 50,000 more cars travel on 35W than on 394. He has built a coalition with Lakeville regarding transit. By 2008, Lakeville will be the 4th largest city in the state. Rep. Hornstein says that the 35W/Crosstown project should be a transit project, not a road project. Encouraged people to attend the Sept. 9 open house at King Park to gain information about project.

South Lyndale Development Workshops Paul Lohman updated TNA on the status of this series of 3 workshops which will be held this fall at Richfield United Methodist Church at 58th and Lyndale. The first workshop will feature speaker Mayor R.T. Rybak and will focus on Livable Cities. The second will cover Development ABC’s. And the third workshop will be an introduction to master planning. (2 handouts)

Anne Forsythe, of the U of M Design Center, spoke about how these workshops will give neighborhoods the resources to understand development and distributed materials showing housing types that serve different densities.

Call to action: this group asked for the names of 25 or more people, “opinion makers” from Tangletown and the other three participating neighborhoods (Windom, Kenny, and Lynnhurst) to participate in the workshops.

The workshops will be the kick-off for forming the master plan for Lyndale Avenue (creek to crosstown) with LASR-CC and the city. One major goal is to gather neighborhood input and avoid the more common scenario of developers coming with finished plan with no opportunity for input. The other primary goal of the project is to inform the public to prevent the misinformation that occurred regarding the Boulevard development project.

TNA Documents Rus Thomas distributed documents outlining TNA business procedures: a Financial Policy Manual and Proposed Voting Procedures. Board members should review and file with their copies of the Bylaws.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Submitted by Karen Larson TNA Secretary