April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2023 TNA meeting:

Attendees, board members: Pat Collins, Kyle Goldschmidt, Kellie Hanson, Ben Levy, Scott Massey, Dirk Nicholson, Dan Treinan, and Will Young

Attendees, non-board members: Emily Koski and Andrea Siegel

Called to order at 7:02

  1. Fuller Park updates:
    1. No updates
  2. Councilmember Koski updates:
    1. Many questions about possible development on 50th and Lyndale.  She will provide info on upcoming BLUH meeting that developer plans to attend
      1. They have not yet presented to the Committee of the Whole within the Planning Commission
      2. Any comments from public can submit at any time and people within 300 feet will be notified before a hearing that can also be attended
      3. Planning Commission’s only rule is to uphold the 2040 Plan
    2. Recent Ward 11 meeting with focus on public safety including youth violence prevention
      1. Next Ward 11 meeting will be May 2 with topic of Environment and Sustainability
      2. Meeting will include presentation on the draft of the City’s 10-year climate plan during the public comment period for the plan
    3. Street sweeping has begun
    4. Rent stabilization staff analysis will be presented tomorrow to the Business Housing & Inspection Committee
  3. Secretary update:
    1. Dirk moved to approve March 2023 minutes; Kyle seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
  4. Treasurer update:
    1. The volunteers for the focus groups have spared some costs
    2. Because will likely remain a solo neighborhood association going forward, we should continue to try keep costs as low as possible and review which programming and events are most meaningful
    3. Scott suggested a review to determine what costs are covered by grants and those that aren’t
      1. Staffing costs are generally not covered, so trying to reduce those costs will be most impactful
  5. Committee updates
    1. Environmental
      1. 10 yards of compost ordered for Neighborhood Day event
      2. Adopted a working mission statement
      3. Presenter in June from CEE will discuss the Electrify Everything initiative for appliance replacements
      4. Only one site has been approved for solar rebate so far
        1. Will provide handouts about the solar rebate at Neighborhood Day
        2. Researching community solar including contacting local business owners about community solar projects
      5. Applying for Hennepin County Green Partners grant that is due May 11
        1. Focusing on educational events for electronic waste recycling
      6. Clothing swap tentatively scheduled for August 19 at St. John’s fellowship hall and collaborating with Hennepin County
      7. Waiting to hear from the City for a safety plan to access the Water Tower garden space
      8. Next Sustainability Sam will be organics recycling and compost to promote Neighborhood Day compost
    2. Equity
      1. Listening sessions have volunteers for both dates
        1. Right now 4 have responded for April 29
        2. A set of questions have been developed but the hope is to be more conversational rather than a led discussion
        3. Inquiring about interactions with TNA, barriers to participation, topics or initiatives that would spark more involvement, communication from TNA
        4. Will try to recruit for board openings 
      2. Pickup for food drive being pushed to May 21 (week after Neighborhood Day) so will need folks to store the donated food until May 21 pickup
        1. Andrea will talk with Mayflower to see if it is willing to store the food for that week
    3. Building, Land Use, and Housing
      1. Met with developer for 46th and Pillsbury
      2. Will be meeting with 50th and Lyndale developer
      3. Neighborhood Day planning
        1. Still trying to track down a Master Gardener
    4. Merger Task Force
      1. Kingfield voted not to proceed with a merger at this time
    5. Southwest Neighborhoods Collaboration
      1. Decided one vote per association
        1. Will be meeting second Tuesday of the month
          1. They want a consistent person from each board with one alternate
          2. Kellie will be the TNA attendee; Andrea will email full Board to seek an alternate
      2. They’re discussing some branding and have received initial approval for city funding to hire a consultant to figure out how to pool together and then pitch to large funding sources
  6. Welcome Bag spring distribution
    1. Bag distribution fell within the Livability and Engagement Committee
      1. Dick and Ryan from the committee want to stay involved and be active with planning and events
    2. Andrea has already received reports from realtors and renters (approximately 25)
    3. Volunteers needed to distribute preferably before end of April
      1. Dan volunteered; Andrea will follow up with Dick and Ryan from the committee; Scott will serve as backup
  7. Neighborhood Day
    1. Both Mayflower and a Boy Scout pack are volunteering on top of TNA volunteers
    2. Dan has procured bagels and cream cheese from St. Paul Bagelry and coffee from Wise Acre
      1. He’ll check about utensils
      2. Wise Acre will provide cups
    3. Environmental table
      1. Compost has been procured
      2. Flier for solar rebate
      3. Organics recycling setup (currently stored in bin at Fuller Park)
    4. BLUH table
      1. Kellie will be meeting with Ace Hardware for bags, radon kits
        1. NRP Funds have already been approved in a prior budget
      2. Radon resources from from TNA website and MDH 
    5. Equity table
      1. Will collected food donations 
      2. QR code for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf 
      3. Homeline renter resources
  8. Annual Meeting
    1. May 15 at Fuller Park (we can access earlier to start on time with social time starting at 630)
    2. Will have a projector and slide deck if needed
    3. We have budget for food from the City contract
    4. Speakers with most votes were Mayor Frey, Councilmember Koski, and Park Board Commissioner Abene and all three were invited
      1. Councilmember Koski has confirmed she will be there
      2. Mayor Frey and Commissioner Abene have not responded yet
    5. Other speakers
      1. Larry Matsumoto about 50th Street Project
      2. Someone from Behavioral Response Team
    6. Board recruitment
      1. Trying to fill open seats
      2. Will check to see who needs to be reelected
      3. Talk about general expectations of a board member
  9. Tangletown Summer Party
    1. We need to create a subcommittee (Dick and Ryan will help plan)for a July 29 event to tie into a Fuller Park movie night
    2. Plan would be to roughly follow the Fourth of July format
    3. Naturalist and pop-up park are already scheduled through Fuller Park
  10. Executive Director report
    1. Andrea created a summary of how her time is generally spent and it is linked to the Board Packet
  11. Meeting adjourned at 851