April 2021 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 19th, 2021 – 7:00 p.m., via Zoom

Board members present:  Jon Dejong, Alyssa Thull, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Dirk Nicholson, Pat Collins, Carl Arrell, Joan Staveley, Lori Gubrud, Kellie Hanson, Heather Grovum, Brian McDonald,

Board members absent: Dan Treinen, Brenda Anderson

Also present: Councilmember Jeremy Schroeder

Called to order: 7:00

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Carl moved to approve the March minutes. Dirk seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

Treasurer – Sally provided the treasurer’s report. Bank balance is $42,514.42. Sally plans to submit a city reimbursement request in the next couple of weeks.

Fuller Park – Wading pool will open Memorial Day weekend. Outdoor bathrooms will open during pool hours. The park building will remain open only to program participants. New programs available this summer. Outdoor film on August 21. 

Councilmember Schroeder

Jeremy gave an update on neighborhood organization funding. The current CPP program will stay in place for 2021 at previously approved levels. New funding levels and requirements approved as part of the Neighborhoods 2020 program will begin in January 2022.

Leading up to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, Jeremy noted that we are in phase three of Operation Safety Net. Some businesses have requested National Guard deployment around Minneapolis while other neighbors have felt threatened by it. Jeremy talked to the police inspector about Guard deployment who said that they feel it’s safer to have some Guard troops driving around and some being in specific places. Jeremy asked that anyone who does not feel safe please let him know.

Dick asked how long the Guard will be present; Jeremy responded that it’s unclear and depends on how things go. He thinks we are better prepared than last year on the law enforcement side, but isn’t sure we’ve learned enough about facilitation and talking to the community. Jeremy noted the council is also working with community navigators to talk to community groups.

Jon asked who is actually accountable for Operation Safety Net. Jeremy replied that the Council has asked that question many times, and the answer is it depends on who answers the question. The police give one answer, the National Guard another. Jeremy is worried about the fiscal liability of the City and changed the question to who would be sued if something goes wrong. Again the answer was “it depends.” Jon said he felt like there was not enough of a plan this time. Jeremy said he has asked those questions and gotten insufficient answers.

Jeremy said the Council creates an “after action” report after every major incident to audit and improve the City’s response. The City is still not done with last year’s report which he is disappointed with.

Turning to COVID, Jeremy said the response seems to be going well but the City hasn’t gotten more vaccine yet even though eligibility has widened.

Neighborhoods Now Community Organizing

Sally attended recent training from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and shared some of her insights. She started with Tangletown demographics and noted that the board is racially whiter, more affluent, and includes more home-owners than the neighborhood as a whole. Since the board’s goal and the City’s goal for neighborhood groups is to represent the neighborhood, the board needs to renew efforts to engage historically under-represented residents and involve them in policies, programs, and decision making.

One take-away is to focus on the overall issue (eg “add X number of units of affordable housing”) instead of a specific problem and to build the board’s base through one-on-ones, door-knocking, outreach, and community education.

Dirk thought that coordination would be required to prevent overlapping committee efforts and that training for board members would be helpful. Sally said CURA would be able to hold a training session. Pat asked if CURA had any suggestions for renter outreach; Sally said outreach to former board members and door-knocking would be useful. A board member suggested a “lemonade stand” concept. Jon noted that we focus on Fuller Park and instead perhaps should focus on smaller events in different areas around the neighborhood. Dick suggested ensuring TNA has a table at the August 21st Fuller Park movie-in-the-park and at bus stops.

Board Member Recruitment & Leadership Roles

Carl reminded the board that with the upcoming annual meeting there will be board seats and leadership roles available. He asked the board to reach out to neighbors who might be interested. Carl said he would be stepping down as president, and Dan will be stepping down from the board and the secretary role due to term limits. Brian said he would be open to transitioning his treasurer  role as well. Sally said that a year into board membership is a great time to step into a leadership position and that she would be available to support new officers.

990 Approval

Brian presented the 990 tax form that the board is required to file yearly with the IRS for board approval.

Lori made a motion to approve the 990 as presented; Dirk seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Security Rebate Program

Dirk presented the Building, Land Use & Housing committee’s proposal for a security rebate program. Changes from last time include a $75,000 income cap which could be raised if there is not enough participation. The application and approval process was also simplified and a Rebate Administrator role was created to do final review and check signing in an effort to reduce burden on Sally and the treasurer. Dirk requested a re-purpose of the $13,000 from the committee’s abandoned banner initiative for this program. Lori asked for clarification on the rebate administrator role and whether there was enough separation of roles; Brian said that the process is complicated between multiple check signers and with the bank. Sally suggested waiting for financial changes until a new board is in place.

Dirk made a motion to approve the reallocation of $13,000 from the banner initiative to the safety rebate program. Dan W. seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Committee Updates

Equity: Dirk said the committee met with representatives from EPNI and Councilmember Jeremy Schroeder. The committee has also been posting information about the recent protests in Brooklyn Center. Next meeting will have a speaker on the rent stabilization charter amendment.

Livability & Engagement: Dick said the food drive event for the Joyce food shelf will be held on May 2nd and needed volunteers. The committee is also looking at holding board recruitment events.

Dick made a motion to allocate $100 for treats for board recruitment. Dirk seconded, voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Environmental: Pat reminded the board that April 22nd is Earth Day. The committee is applying for a Green Partners grant focusing on living a low-waste lifestyle. The committee is also investigating the Xcel Energy Integrated Resource Plan and trying to educate the community on the down-sides of the plan. The committee is planning an in-person outside event in August, partnering with the Building/Land-use committee on the May 22nd Spring Spruce-up compost pick up in the Mayflower church parking lot, and promoting storm drain adoption.

Building, Land Use & Housing: committee members have applied for a grant for part of the cost of the new water tower signage. Partnering with the Environmental committee for the May 22nd Spring Spruce-up, and recruiting help for the water tower planting maintenance.

Executive Director Report

Annual Meeting: Sally has contacted multiple Park Board members to speak about the recent encampments but received no response. There will also be introductions from the Ward 11 City Council candidates, TNA updates, and board elections.

Shout Outs: Sally thanked the board for their awesome work during the challenging last year. Especially to Carl, Pat and the Environmental committee, Dick for his experience and perspective, Kellie for her punctuality, Dirk for his leadership of the Beautiful Purposeful Spaces committee, Brian for his work as treasurer, Dan for his detailed notes as secretary, editors, and new board members. The board also thanked Sally for her great work as Executive Director.

Adjourned: 9:00pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary