April 2014

TNA Monthly Meeting: Monday April 21, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Present: Ryan Fisher, Sandra Bartsias, Mary Jane Mitchell, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Birdie Cunningham, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Steve Bieringer
Guest: John Quincy, Matt Perry, Kris Stevens, Matt Chipman

1. Call to order at 7:06pm
2. Organic Composting: Lauren provided an update that the a kick off for the drop off program at Pearl Park will be held on Saturday April 26th at 9:00am. Nature Bag was generous enough to donate bags for the event. The TNA wanted to thank them for this donation.
3. Fuller Park playground & pool shade structure: Steve presented the proposed plans on from the vendor for the playground equipment. Drawings also included locations for the shade structures for the pool deck. The board requested that two (2) shade structures be placed in lieu of one (1) large structure. Steve will relay this information to the Park Board.
a. Moved & seconded for proposed transfer of funds to NRP Phase II strategy C.1.1.1 Fuller Improvements. Motion PASSED
4. 2014 TNA Garage Sale: Sale planned for May 2-3 we are expecting 45-50 participants which is pretty standard for each year.
a. Motion for funds not to exceed $600 for garage sale supplies including advertising, yard signs, and general supplies. Motion PASSED
5. 70/30 License proposal review and discussion: Matt Perry & John Quincy explained the proposal request and the goal and that most the restaurants in our neighborhood are supporting the change.
a. Motion for TNA to support the 70/30 proposal as a group. Motion PASSED
6. 4th of July kick off & recruitment: Due to lack of time this item will be discussed at our next meeting. Ryan will email the group of people that signed up for this committee.
7. Fuller history book status: Project and the boards understanding of the current state was discussed. Request was made that the board (Ryan) will request formal proposal in an effort to finalize the deliverable along with associated costs. Funding for this project will be discusses at later meeting.
8. Mural project update: Based on current status of murals under contract for installation with building owners the board is looking to move approximately $3,000 for the neighborhood utility box iniative. John Quincy mentioned that he and his staff (Mary Peterson) would help Jane with the administrative functions for this program.
9. Business Façade: Due to lack of time this item will be discussed at our next meeting.
10. Officer Report:
a. Secretary report for minutes from previous meeting. APPROVED
b. Treasurer report on TNA accounts. APPROVED
11. Committee Reports:
a. Art-
b. Communications-
c. NRP
d. Environmental/ Sustainable-
e. Business-
12. Partner & other announcements:
a. John Quincy, City of Mpls- Provided an update on city imitatives and upcoming events. Working on partnership between Washburn/ Ramsay and TNA.
b. Matt Perry, NEHBA- 70/30 proposal
c. Fuller Park- No report. Email Ryan with any ideas for annual meeting to recognize Carol Anderson for her great partnership with the TNA over the years.
d. Additional announcements- none
13. Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Mary Jane with Second from Ryan
8:45pm meeting adjourned