April 2013

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, April 15, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President, Steve Bieringer – Vice President, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Lauren Anderson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Charlie Siftar, Jeff Gears, Andrea Siegel, Jane Elias, Lynell Voight, Dylan Sirny, Birdie Cunningham

Also present:  Carol Anderson, Lance Knuckels, John Quincy, Don, Jim Heers

1. Call to Order 7:08

2. Fuller Park Plaque Update – Tjody passed around a mockup of the 18X15 plaque.  $825.93 is the total cost.  Rocks cost  12 cents/lb. so the cost of the rock should be $200 to $300.    The plaque will be brought to the quarry to get a rock.  Steve drafted a letter for Jennifer at the park board for approval.  Tom Balcom has some good info regarding Margaret Fuller and is asking about what size the booklet should be (he was thinking 25 pages and then have it available for sale).  He got a packet from a 1947 graduation class with their memories.   There is a great article from the New Yorker regarding Margaret Fuller.  TNA just needs to decide on the booklet size and then the booklet should be done by 4th of July.  

Need an approval of the budget to get the casting going.   Once we get guidance from the park board we can vote on the funding. 

We need final approval of the plaque/rock.  If the park board gives us money we’ll make up the rest of the cost or else we’ll fund the entire project.

3. Fuller Shades – Jim Heers gathered more bids – 4 bids of the same cantilever design.  Low $18,000, high $31,000 other two around $24,000.  It was noted that park board just wants more than one bid, not necessarily the lowest.   For four small and one big one there is an estimate of $24,000 from the company that installed in the other parks.  Jennifer said that they have money in the budget for the pool for 2018, but it may change by then.  Steve – we need to draft a letter with all three options and TNA board make a recommendation and send to Jennifer for approval.   Since the poles are outside of the fence, if they totally redo the pool in 2018 it should not affect the shade structures. 

We’ll get an update next month.

4. John Quincy – Resurfacing of 50th will be done this summer.  1st meeting June 10th at Fuller (pre-public) for land owners affected.  1969 is the last time this street was touched.  One sort recycling phase II the rest of the city.  Pilot 20% rate before now at 67% recycling rate so a dramatic improvement.  Tangletown is zone 4 and will be implemented by May 16th.  As soon as you get your cart you can start using it.  WHS – city’s perspective is to support what the school is doing to support learning.  Scoreboard issue – permits were not acquired last fall when they started process for installing.  There will be a community engagement effort so that the neighborhood backs it and approves.   The scoreboard has been purchased but not installed. 

5. WHS Eco Education farm – A motion was made to grant an additional $500 in matching funds to the WHS Urban Farm project. 

The motion was seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute another  $500 to the Washburn High School Urban Farm project to cover the start up costs.  The funds will be paid to Eco Education, the organization partnering with the school to undertake the Urban Farm project .

6. Garage sale planning – registration on Newsletter.  The postcard was just received in the mail today and we’ve only gotten 3 registrations.  Steve just picked up the signs.  Ryan – said we should notify Tangletown Gardens since the signs may lead people to think it’s associated with the garden center.   Ads in the patch and the Star Tribune.  Charlie is asking if businesses can participate?  Yes. 

Things will be picked up after the sales by Bridging.  You can opt for pick up even if you aren’t having a garage sale.

7. Spring Newsletter out and done.

8. Annual meeting plan – Andrea and Mary Jane met – Forestry speaker is confirmed.  Also want to invite the Urban Farm Eco Education people to present and put a call out to volunteers.  Four state legislators and Bran Bourn (park board)  will be invited and introduced.   We need refreshments and volunteers to bring cookies, fruit.  Tjody will create the plaque for the Halloween House Tour winner to be presented at the annual meeting.  There will be a social hour following the meeting at a local restaurant TBD.  Andrea will create the post card and give to Tjody to create.   The information regarding the survey will be on the back of the card.

There will be a drawing for a rain barrel, compost bin and a kitchen composter – cost  $150.

On motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute $800 to the cost of budget for prizes, Halloween award, and post card for annual meeting.

 Award for last year’s Halloween House tour – Tjody would like to hire the same person to do a plaque at a cost of $125.

 9. Survey – group met last week and we have a mockup of the survey in survey monkey.  20 questions.  Launch at the annual meeting.  May 20 media blitz. Survey closes early June.  Ryan will send a link to the survey monkey mock-up for everyone to look at it. 

 10. Annual report – due Friday.   Lance is here to comment.  He feels that we should extrapolate on the greater impact of our activities.  Timeline is soft per Lance so if we need to take another month until the board votes on it that’s fine.   In the meantime Ryan will work with other board members and Lance to finalize.

Audiences – City Council and other neighborhoods.  

Per Lance what we are missing that other neighborhoods put in the report – challenges need not be negative such as not a method for reaching out to seniors.  Talk about the 2 to 3 months leading up to an event or after an event as far as engagement goes.   Steve pointed out that we now have 3 businesses on the board which is good.

11. Officer reports – Tangletown account $10,300.   NCR CPP $31,500.  March meeting minutes were approved without changes. 

Lance would like to circle back with us in June regarding the budget.

12. NUSA – May 22 – 25.  Lance encourages us to register.  We can use our CPP money to send members to the conference.  Overview of the activities – opening at Nicollet Island, conferences downtown,  final ceremony Minnehaha Falls with local food vendors.  Two people can split a registration for those that can’t take 2 days off of work.  60% of presenters are local. 

Tom Balcom and bus tour?  Lance did not connect with him yet.  Lance thinks all of the tours are committed at this point. 

12. 4th of July – Ryan proposes we create a committee – Steve, Jeff, Andrea, Charlie and Carol.

13. Committee Reports

Arts:  On motion duly made, seconded and carried, it was resolved that:

The TNA Board will contribute $5,000 towards the utility box wrap project whether the matching grant is approved or not.

 Communications:  Did not meet .

 NRP:  Business façade grants – 4803 Nicollet Hell Bent for Fitness applied.

Sustainability:  Walk/Bike Tangletown.  Lauren is our contact for RAM Recycling Association of Minnesota.  People can sign up at our annual meeting to buy a rain barrel or compost bin.  Eric David and Lauren working on getting a grant for green initiatives.  Nancie Nelson looking into what other neighborhoods are doing. 

Bicycle racks – Jane and Dylan both expressed interest.  Charlie says he knows the person for the city that supplies those racks so he can help out with that.

Wellness:  The committee would like to connect a wellness activity with businesses – discount to those that walk/bike.  Four times per year a bigger community event. 

14. Fuller Park – Carole reminded the board that summer programs are online for all of the parks.  Steve brought up a grant program for shade structures if we have a skincare/sun safety program. 

15. Ryan – one seat open for board members.  Lynell is leaving which makes two open seats.

16. There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Annual Meeting Monday, May 20, 2013 at Fuller Park.