April 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2010


Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Tjody DeVaal – editor; Jane Elias; Dick Fiala; Ryan Fisher – President; Mary Jane Mitchell – Vice President; Tony Proell, and Lynell Voigt.

1.      The meeting was called to order by the president at 7:06 pm.
2.      Agenda approved.
3.      The March meeting minutes were approved without amendment.
4.      Steve reported on the Tangletown Garage Sale, scheduled for May 7 and 8.  The sale will be advertised in the website, newspaper and Craigs List.  Tom Balcomb will complete the map.  Signs will be posted.  There was some discussion about combining the sale in the future with other neighborhoods.  Steve will have a debriefing after the sale to make recommendations for future sales.
5.      Ryan updated the board on the Tangletown 4th of July event.  A subcommittee of Ryan, Lynell, Jane, Mary Jane, Jody, Sarah and Dick met the week before and decided to have the celebration on the 4th (a Sunday this year) and start at 10 am. Ryan said that he was looking for people to head certain functions: a food captain (coordinate with Ron Lischeid), band captain (make arrangements with band for sound, etc.), and a parade captain (ccordinate with police, block traffic along route, etc.).

6.      Ryan asked the group for ideas for the May annual meeting.  The group will bring food (cookies in particular) and discussed bringing in a special guest to attract attendance (compost person, person from CEEE).  Ryan entreated the group to send him more ideas.  Tony was going to check on the availability of the person from CEEE (and mentioned that he would be sending out an email to businesses about bike rack funding).

7.      Since Councilperson Quincy was at the meeting, Ryan invited him to address the group.  Quincy mentioned his own letter with space available for neighborhood use, an upcoming public forum on a dog park at Kingfield Park, the bus rapid transit station at 46th and 35W, and the neighborhood road resurfacing which will include a deteriorating section of Nicollet Ave. S. (not originally slated for repair).  A public meeting about the assessment for the repairs was scheduled, and the road work should begin in June.

8.      Ryan had not met with other neighborhood leaders about sharing hired staff, but planned to do so.  A subcommittee was formed to consider the duties and description of a paid staff member.

8.      Tjody reported on the newsletter and Tangletown brochure/Welcome packet along with Jane and Mary Jane.  Assignments for board members to connect with businesses would be emailed out.  Newsletters were distributed and members praised Tjody’s work.
9.      Ryan briefly addressed improving communications through Facebook, Yahoo, the website, and Constant Contact.  The group decided to lay aside Constant Contact for the time being.  There was no objection to moving from Yahoo to a Facebook presence.
10.     Mary Jane updated the group on the NRP business façade improvement program.  Tom Balcomb arrived later in the meeting a updated the group on other NRP improvement in the neighborhood.
11.     Mary was out of town so there was no treasurer update.
13.     Carole Anderson update the group on Fuller Park activities and improvements.
14.     Ryan asked each board member to bring a person to the May Annual Meeting.
15.     The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 pm.