April 2009

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Board Meeting
Monday, April 20, 2009
Fuller Park

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of March meeting minutes

4. Earth Day event review – Tom Balcolm reported that the event was small in numbers but that much garbage was collected. There was good business sponsorship by Tangletown Gardens (provided gardening gloves at their cost), Diamond Lake Hardware (trash bags), Kowalskis (pastry treats), and coffee (Starbucks?).

5. Lyndale Ave. Bridge update – Tom Balcolm reported that a preliminary meeting was held that was well attended. In mid-May another meeting is scheduled and will give people the opportunity to tour the bridge. The project is budgeted for many millions of dollars and Hennepin County is in charge of the project. Lyndale Ave. will be closed from April to November. They are collecting design ideas now – light fixtures, etc… Any thoughts/ideas
regarding this project should be directed to Tom Balcom.

6. Crime Prevention Update – Amy Lavender – There is a precinct Open House on Thursday, May 14th. There will also be a precinct wide block leader training on May 12. There has been a decrease in violent crimes in Minneapolis as a whole. There were 4 burglaries reported in Tangletown.

7. Minneapolis Public Schools Changing Options Plan – Sarah Cortright reported about the issue of re-establishing boundaries in MPS. We will plan to NOT send a representative from the TT Board at the meeting on Wednesday.

8. Garage Sale – Mary Jane Mitchell – 25 responses so far – last year there were 50 homes but many came in at the last minute. Tom Balcom is working on the maps for the event. There is an ad placed in Star Trib in the annual garage sale calendar which comes out April 21. There was also an ad placed on Craigs List and in the Southwest Journal. There are 10 sandwich boards that MJM located that will be placed on prominent intersections. Signs were divided among TT Board members to be posted in area businesses.

9. Treasurer update and getting TNA books in order revisited – Jerry is waiting to hear from the bank regarding NRP statements Also, the cost is to be determined for the records regarding what will be owed.

10. Increasing TNA Board membership/neighborhood participation – Jerry will bring juice; Ryan will bring cups; Mary Jane will bring cookie dough to make cookies in the kitchen at Fuller. Sarah to contact someone regarding composting. A drawing will be held for gift cards/prizes from local businesses.

11. Adjournment