A solutions focused summer read

Dear Sam,

I am looking for a book on climate action that is easy to read and solution focused. I am tired of all the doom and gloom stuff. Could you recommend a summer beach read that gives me hope?




Dear Lauren,

I have just the book for you! Dr. Heidi Roop’s The Climate Action Handbook is a quick, efficient read on “100 climate solutions” for all of us. She covers the whys and hows of climate action steps you can take at home, in your yard, at work, when traveling, when shopping, for your health, and much more. A colorful, cogent, and clear illustration accompanies each segment. There are, as advertised, 100 suggested action steps each of us can make. Dr. Roop adds easily understandable definitions and explanations of the terms and science related to climate change. Finally, she encourages continued education, advocacy, and connection regarding our future in the changing world.

Dr. Heidi Roop is the Director of the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership and an Assistant Professor of Climate Science and Extension Specialist. She serves as the Assistant Director for Services in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)and as the Deputy Director for Services in the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). Dr. Roop has traveled from Antarctica to California to Lake Superior doing climate science research. She hopes the book will “empower you to evaluate, engage, and act.” 

For more information about the book, here is an article in the New York Times Climate Forward Newsletter. You may also watch Dr. Roop talking about the book when she was at The Great Northern’s Climate Solutions Series at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis in January 2023 here.