January 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


Tangletown Neighborhood Association January 16th 2023

January 16, 2023 TNA meeting:

Attendees, board members: Pat Collins, Kyle Goldschmidt, Heather Grovum, Kellie Hanson, Ben Levy, Dirk Nicholson, Anthony Thompson, and Will Young

Attendees, non-board members: Andrea Siegel, Larry Matsumoto (Minneapolis Public Works), Hazel Wolf (Public Works), Hannah Gullickson (CenterPoint), Al Swintek (CenterPoint Energy), Ryan Gottsleben (Public Works), Dave Fleming, and Ian Stade

Called to order at 7:02

  1. Councilmember Koski updates:
    1. Just Deeds Project still active and allows homeowners to discharge racial covenants recorded on their properties; property owners can apply for approval
    2. MPS School Board is in the midst of a superintendent search with community listening sessions, and online survey is available through January 23
    3. Sidewalks, fire hydrants must be kept clear of snow within 24 hours of end of snow
    4. Animal shelters are full, so adoption fees are currently waived for pet adoptions
    5. MDH is giving out last round of free at-home COVID-19 tests
    6. Vehicles should have winter emergency supply kit
    7. National Day of Racial Healing is January 17, and there is a free webinar from White Privilege Institute on Zoom from 6-8pm with free registration
    8. HomeHelpMN is providing financial assistance for people behind on their mortgages
    9. City’s Partnership Engagement Fund is open for applications for projects to make Minneapolis more socially connected, healthy, and safe
    10. Payroll and Bookkeeping Pilot Project for small retail, restaurant, or service business owners to be in compliance with the City’s labor standards
    11. Home energy assistance programs exist to avoid heat disconnections during the winter
  2. City Project on 50th Street:
    1. Public representatives during the project
      1. Hazel Wolf is an engineer and the public representative for Minneapolis Public Works
      2. Hannah Gullickson is the communications specialist from CenterPoint
        1. Hannah.gullickson@centerpointenergy.com and 612-321-5546
    2. Two year project with the City’s vision to upgrade all corners and pedestrian ramps to ADA federal compliance
      1. In 2023, all pedestrian ramps on 50th Street will be upgraded except Nicollet (because of traffic signals)
        1. No assessment cost to the property owners for ramps being installed
        2. There will be no traffic calming or geometric realignments with the sidewalk work
          1. There will be some minor grading to the ramps
      2. CenterPoint will be upgrading their facilities simultaneously
        1. Natural gas mains, service lines, and meters will be replaced over 2 months
          1. Plastic gas main several inches in diameter will be located under sidewalks
            1. Will be utility markings spray-painted ahead of time
            2. Homeowners should mark any lines (sprinkler-heads and dog lines) they have installed
          2. Connecting service lines back to homes generally involves about 25 homes per week to reconnect after the gas main has been replaced
            1. Interruption time will likely be about 2- to 3-hours long
              1. Crew will contact ahead of time 
            2. Crew can work with homeowners as to where meters will be located
          3. Restoration crew will follow service line crew to repair sidewalks, boulevards, and lawns
            1. Any lawn holes will be filled with grass seed, black dirt, and biodegradable netting
            2. Sidewalks may be temporarily filled with gravel
            3. Will probably be at least one excavation per yard
        2. No assessment for any of this work
        3. Their website will be upgraded with more information including tighter schedule when it gets closer
        4. They do not expect a full road closure, but are still not entirely sure about traffic effects
      3. In 2024, the street will be milled and overlayed in a week-long project
        1. Abutting property owners will be assessed
        2. Will be asphalt replacement, but no work done to the concrete bus pads
        3. Will be another public hearing before mill and overlay next year
  3. Secretary update
    1. Kyle Goldschmidt moved to approve; Dirk Nicholson seconded.  Minutes were approved.
  4. Treasurer update (2022 year end P&L report)
    1. Numbers tracked from last year, but we’re waiting on some government funding that hasn’t come through yet
      1. Big change was decrease in staff funding
      2. Some grants have added additional costs that were not fully budgeted-for in FY 2022
  5. Committee updates
    1. Livability and engagement
      1. Winter Fest will be February 25
        1. Bryan Ehlers of Edina Realty is sponsoring the fire performer
      2. Still discussing a Tangletown Thaw event
        1. Potential band is the highest cost
        2. Fuller Park seems to be preferred location
        3. Talking with Linden Hills about their experience with a similar event
    2. Environmental
      1. Focusing on solar rebate program that will roll out shortly and it will be a tiered-application based upon household income
    3. Equity
      1. February 9 is Beyond Land Acknowledgement event with Native Government Center
        1. Will collect questions in advance with opportunity for more questions at the event
        2. Suggested donations with all money beyond cost to pay back to NGC
      2. February 8 event at 7pm planned at Pearl Park around public safety issues
    4. Building and Land Use
      1. Remaining funds for Security Rebate Program are being returned to the general fund
      2. Andrea shared info about city radon tests on social media
        1. Committee will work with Environmental to help with an April Sustainability Sam focused on radon issues (probably Claire and Will)
    5. Merger Task Force
      1. Dirk Nicholson moved for the intent to merge letter; Heather Grovum seconded; Heather called the question.
      2. Motion passed unanimously.
  6. Executive Director
    1. TNA is overdue for strategic planning
      1. Past planning involved hiring a consultant with a cost
      2. Will wait to figure out strategic planning until the results of the three votes are known
      3. Would like to know why City requires a 2-year plan but doesn’t pass a 2-year budget
      4. Would like to have a committee for strategic planning once we have more clarity
  7. Kadeer Omar has not attended meetings in a long time
    1. We had a discussion to put a vote to determine the seat to be vacant at the February meeting
  8. Meeting adjourned at 847